Thursday, 10 February 2011

I'm No Grinch.

I’m no Grinch…

I was thinking about how many people there are in the world that is so called Grinch’s.
I love Valentine’s Day, Guyfaux (with the sparkles and romance – not the loud bangs and injuries), Christmas, April Fool’s Day and even St Paddy’s Day. I love to give, even if it is an invisible gift or something handmade. I like people to feel special.
I love waking up on Valentine’s Day with the perfect contented feeling that I can share love and feel it too. Yes I agree, you should tell people far more often than you actually do, and definitely not just on one day of the year. Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of all those times that you did just that. It should be about the time that you helped a friend in need and at the end of it all said “I love you too” or just said “I love you” at the end of a phone call. It could be a day for someone who usually finds it difficult to say the words – to step up and feel the freedom of telling someone how much they are valued.
Valentine’s Day to me is like New Year. It gives me a new lease on life, I feel hopeful and get a dose of wind pollinated Red Bull. I mean really open your eyes on Monday. Take a look at the kiddies all dressed in red and white, spreading innocence and love. Yes Grinch, take a look at that old married couple who pulled their red T-shirts out of their cupboards for the day and are staring lovingly into one another’s eyes. It’s down-right inspirational.
This brings me to today, thinking of the Grinch, and how he’s stealing Valentine’s Day.
There is so much stress, hate, drama, war, anger and disappointment running rampant like raging bulls around the world today. Think about having one day to take a break from the harshness of the world and concentrate on Love, romance, happiness, laughter and peace.
So call me bunny hugger, call me sentimental, but I’d rather have one day that virally spreads love than a day that’s filled with hate, sadness and war. I’ll delight in preparing a thoughtful gift and seeing bright happy faces of those I love and I’ll be lovingly accepting the handmade cards and the flowers picked from my garden.
Just remember that by being a Grinch you may just be hurting someone’s feelings, and by doing so are changing their outlook on what was a special day.
So Grinch’s - why not try sharing the love rather than spreading negativity?


  1. Thanx. I like days that can change peoples mind set.
    I remember when peace day was initiated, and everyone went out into the streets,
    And linked arms, and doves were released.