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I’ve had a terrible week and I  am sure a lot of you have too. Here is a story to brighten your week.



From: Leighton
Sent: 14 December 2009 05:08 PM
To: Valerie and Derek

Hi all

Please email URGENTLY as Mia went missing last Friday after the pool cleaners left =he gate open.

Mia is sorely missed and her companion is pining for her.

She is very wolf in nature and could be in hiding....

Kindly pass on to all in your address book and anyone in the Scottburgh/Umkomaas area.

Thanks so much.


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From: Ivan Down

To: 'Leighton'

Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 2:17 PM

Subject: FW: Emailing: poster Mia


Hi Lyn

Please find picture of our dog as Discussed.



From: Valerie and Derek
Sent: 02 November 2011 01:53 PM
To: Valerie and Derek

"Mama Mia" Mia is back
Wolf Dog is reunited with us her family after disappearing 22 months ago.
Mia was one years old when we were having work done on our pool, and due to having wolf in her she is very pack orientated and very skitterish. Our side gate as well as our front gate was open and before we could secure her she bolted. We, as her family were heartbroken; we searched intensely for her for a long time using every possible method we could. Wolf dogs are amazing animals but are not for everyone.

We would get phone calls from people saying she had been spotted and we would go to where ever she had been seen, but nothing as time passed. We buried her in our hearts and moved on, that is until last Friday the 27th October. In the mail was a “adopt a stray” and the picture was of her. My son who had come home for the weekend picked the paper up and when he saw the photo just knew and was absolutely convinced it was her.

He phoned the number and this dog, a female was at the local vets she had been there for eight days, she had been caught in Umzinto. A very kind man had been feeding her over his fence for weeks but he could not let her into his yard as his dog would not accept it. It was already 6 pm and the ladies were closing up so we had to wait till Saturday morning, the excitement was building at the unbelievable thought that this is, or could be her.

Bright and early Saturday morning my hubby and I rushed to the vet Dr Budgie, and he took us through to the back. I took one look at her as she lay right at the back of the kennel and knew. We bent down and we started talking to her and her eyes started to register, she got up slowly slinking her way to us, we reached in through the fence and started touching her, her tail started to wag and she licked our hands, I was just crying and my heart was soaring, I could hardly see her through all the tears of complete disbelief that after nearly 2 years, here she was in front of my eyes.

Budgie let her out and she started jumping and whining and just displaying so much joy, I had the lead on her and could not get her out of there fast enough.
A lady who works at the vet told me that she showed no emotion towards anybody there even when they gave her treats and tried to be friendly towards her.
My other wolf dog at home a big male heard the car and was waiting as he usually does, and when we brought her out she just ran to him for at least a 10 minute chaotic display of barking, whining, running , jumping and licking reunion that took place between them and us in the middle. Once that was over she ran into the house, knew exactly where the water was, made a bee line for my bedroom and jumped onto my bed like she always had done in the past, and it is just so completely unbelievable, a true miracle that Mia is well and in one piece, and towards us displays the same crazy personality as if it was like she never had left.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those who showed kindness to Mia in the 22 months she was away, and thank you God for protecting her and guiding her back to us. To my son Dodge for being so totally convinced it was Mia, thank you!

Now that I have you all in tears with me go and look at this vid…

This may just be an example of what Valerie felt…

Where there's help - there's  a way

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  1. This is an amazing story, and certainly shows that dogs DO remember! So many people assume they don't!