Sunday, 03 April 2011

Di vs ACME Avo

You can't say I'm not a source of laughter.

Today it was me and the avo tree.

roadrunner ACME anvil
a higher avo / Anvil
 I love avo's. I have been eyeing a couple of avo’s on our neighbours’ avo tree which is hanging over our wall for weeks. Today I decided I would try to get them down - No matter what.

My kids and I went outside to decide on our plan of action.
After checking the avo's out for a few minutes, we skatted that the one avo was just low enough for us to reach if we had a long stick.

My son ran off in a hurry to go and find said stick. He came back as quick as he left, with a long branch from one of the palms growing on the complex property.

palm branch
The palm branch/
ACME gizmo
 I figured that if I gave the avo stalk a hard enough knock with the branch it would break loose and fall. I tried this a couple of times - one-two-three-WHACK! The avo remained super glued to its branch.

I looked at the palm branch again. Ah-ha! It had a hook on one end. So my clever-dick scheme was in place.

Put yourself in the picture here - me - played by Wyle E. Coyote, the Avo - played by the illusive Road Runner...

I reached up into the branches with the hook end of the palm branch. I was overcome with joy as my hook was firmly grasped around the Avo's branch and I pulled it towards me.

My son reached out his hand and tried to grab the Avo. To my absolute horror the branch flung loose and hurtled towards the sky. As gravity would have it the branch returned towards me at top speed flinging the now loose rock-hard avo like an ACME anvil towards... My HEAD!


My kids and I were laughing hysterically even though I now have a large bump on my head.
The Avo or Road Runner - which ever name you'd like to call it - is now wrapped up in newspaper and ripening in a dark cupboard. Soon-to-be-devoured.


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Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!

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