Friday, 29 July 2011


I have been very busy lately…
It seems that as soon as the school holidays finished I was bombarded with “BUSY”!
I decided that since I was so sick at the end of the last school term and because of way too many demanding people not giving me my moment to rest I would blog when something good or interesting happened. (I received 15 unimportant messages, and some really stupid jokes - which I refuse to share- within an hour>>> while playing mom’s taxi.)
After all I am a wife, mom and sister first - Networking pets and writing my blog about “these things” is what I want to do with my life… these are the things that complete me.
I certainly don’t want to let myself get that sick again… I am finally being good to ME. Saying NO and unfortunately upsetting some people because of it; but hey… that’s life…
On to the subject of today’s post…
Last week Monday we found a kitty…. You can read my first post about her here.
On Tuesday this week I got a call from Jenny at the vet where “Kitty” was. She explained that this little girl was still not claimed and really desperate to get out of the kennels. “Kitty” is permanently blind in one eye and as a disabled pet I doubt she will have much luck out there.
Disabled pets are just as wonderful as fully able pets, but I find that most people don’t understand this.
After my chat with Jenny; “Kitty” was inoculated and prepared for her Wednesday sterilisation.
I didn’t mention much at home – my children would have probably driven me insane with nagging…
Yesterday at 9am I arrived at the vets to fetch “Kitty”.
027 mimmo
Once my children were home we started to think about names. I got some lovely suggestions from my facebook page; Genevieve, bubbles, Jessie and Pirate to name a few. Matilda was one that we really liked.
We thought that if she gave us an indication that she liked the name we’d go with it. We tested out each name and kitty didn’t respond… I liked the idea of an “M” name because she has a white M on her back.
Eventually my husband came up with Mimmo – and Mimmo rubbed herself against his legs. AND that’s how she was named!
029 mimmoMimmo is very sweet and affectionate; she loves to play and has been putting the boys in their place. She has the most perfect pink nose and dainty paws. She is obviously getting used to all of us and is still tender on her tum from the sterilisation op; but I’m sure she will be fine.
My spoiled fat boy house cats haven’t seen a plate licked clean in a while but she made sure all three were spotless. She is quite a character and this revelation only after her first night here… She certainly loves her food…
030 letterTo end off – my kids write letters to God and leave them folded up for Him to read.
This morning’s letter from my son reads;

Dear God, Please let my day be special in every way. Please help my new cat get better soon.
Little miracles make my day.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

What is a calorie? :)




bastards that get into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter...


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Heart-Warming… :)


This week has been a week of heart-warming stories….

IMG00284-20110718-1533On Monday my children and I rescued a kitty, while out playing mom’s taxi.

We saw her on the pavement; at first I thought that she could have been one of the ferals in the area. I have been on the lookout for the ferals as their plates haven’t been put out in a while.

I stopped the car in a parking spot near where kitty was sitting and decided to watch where she ran to. My son got out of the car to collect our fairy that was at a dance lesson.

Kitty decided to walk towards my son. He was happily shocked. He called her and she hopped into the car.

Once the fairy got back to the car we took the little one to the vet. This vet is particularly good as they keep strays for two weeks and log their info into a lost and found book.

I am pretty sure that this little one has owners. She was not skinny she just looked a little perturbed. She had a cut on her eye – which the vet will see to. Hopefully her owners are out looking for her…

Here’s a heart warming thought for those who have a missing kitty.

IggyWhile I was perusing through the facebook news feed on Monday night I saw that a kitty came home after being missing for 7 months!






Yet another heart warmer I received this morning…

19cA quick update on the elderly neutered male Bulldog which was found on the Old Cape Road in Greenbushes on the 8th July. No one has come forward to claim him since he was found. He has been checked by a vet and things didn't look too rosy for him due to his age and existing medical condition.

But it has been very heart-warming to know that despite his situation, many people would still like to adopt him. I have had numerous offers telephonically and via email. I am so happy to say that he has been booked and will be going off to his new home on Thursday. But before then his new owners will be taking him to an eye specialist to get advice on the condition of his eyes. His new owners have been looking for a companion for their 13yr old deaf and blind female Bulldog. Her male Bulldog friend recently died and she misses him terribly!

In the meantime, he is quite at home, having made himself comfortable in our small courtyard where he just loves to sun himself. He refused to budge today when we tried to remove his blankets for a wash and just continued to sun himself! He is also much more sure of himself, running around the courtyard, investigating all sorts of interesting smells AND even barking!

With all the bad, sad and stories that make you want to take revenge – you need a week where you hear good things.

I hope you all have a super Wednesday!



Monday, 18 July 2011

Beware Of Evil Puppy Mills…


So KZN kids are back at school today…

My house is so quiet…

Ok so it’s back to the grind stone.

I have said before that I will educate you as to why you shouldn’t buy furry friends from breeders.

Here is a story I received via email which explains why puppy mills need to be stopped. The only way for us to stop them breeding is to STOP buying from them…

Healthy shelter pets are waiting for homes and a lot of them end up dying because people support breeders, puppy mills and pet shops. There is a high chance that these bought pets are abused and we need to STOP this abuse.

This is for your puppy mill education…

First warning sign is if they do not permit you to enter their kennels.

“We have had a bad experience with the kennel.

We bought a young pup (R1800) from them, when we arrived their premises we weren’t shown the kennels.

The owner came out with the two pups we could choose from.

Firstly they looked very young; he then said they are small because they are of a litter of 8.

The pups were born according to him on the 15th of May.

We took one of the pups; he also advised us that he had dewormed her before we came.

She was not acting like a normal pup; all she wanted to do is sleep.

The owner said that she was fine eating on her own; we struggled to get her to eat at all.

We took her to the vet the Monday, and the vet was not very happy with the state of the pup, said she was too young to be given away and that it looked like she was blind and advised that we put her she was suffering.

We said that we wanted to try and safe her and did not want to put her down; we got some puppy formula and tried again.

The puppy died that night.

So in the space of two days from getting her from the breeder, where he claimed she was a healthy, eating pup, she died??

I let him know what the situation was; he sent me an email claiming that she is healthy and was not too young and then all of a sudden claimed she was from a litter of 6, not 8 as initially stated, and they were all healthy pups?

I then let him know that she died, and I have heard nothing back. I don’t think they are running a very ethical business and helpless animals are paying the price of this.”

This is something that is repeated again and again…

Please NEVER buy…. by NOT buying we are putting a break in the cycle of abuse. Rather save a life at a shelter…

Here are pics of a pup rescued from another puppy mill – this poor baby is so malnourished that you can see the bones in his tail!!


Thursday, 07 July 2011

WARNING: This is disturbing–but the story needs to be told…


I received this story via email during the week…

This is a case of MURDER! The story ahs been published in the local press and we now have permission to network and raise awareness to the shocking cruelty the SPCA and Rescue organisations face daily.

I must tell you that if you are going to read further – have tissues nearby… I couldn’t hold back tears for this poor baby. I honestly hope that this disgusting human gets all that is coming to him. KARMA…. is all I have to say…

“On Thursday 16th June (Youth Day) the Brakpan SPCA responded to a very disturbing complaint. We were called out by the Brakpan SAPS to assist with the arrest of a man who had throttled his dog with a cable tie to prevent it from making a noise, while he beat it to death with a lead pipe.

The incident took place in Brakpan North. When we arrived we found a well built man standing calmly in his driveway talking to the police, (the owner). The police introduced themselves and took us to the scene where we found a small Miniature Pincher lying on the ground with several fresh wounds on her body. She was dead. She also had a cable tie, tied around her neck, so tightly, we were unable to cut it off with a knife. Her head was horribly disfigured from the blows of the steel pipe and her tongue had turned blue. Next to her body, lay a white plastic bag, stained with blood. The Constable who had called us to the scene, claimed that he had found the little dog in the plastic bag when he had arrived.

A neighbour had phoned the police when she had heard the screams from the dog as it was getting beaten. She also witnessed the pet owner place the dog in the plastic bag while it was still alive. I asked the owner why he had done this to his animal. He claimed that his dog had been sick and that he had decided to end its suffering by killing it in the most humane way he could.

He blatantly admitted to me that he had strangled the dog with the cable tie and then beat it to death with the lead pipe. We found no physical evidence that the animal had been sick as she appeared to have been in perfect health.

We sent her body to Ondersterpoort for an autopsy which verified that the dog had been beaten and even stabbed with a sharp object (possibly a knife) through one side of her body and out the other. The side of her heart was pierced in the process.

Further investigations have indicated that the owner had fought with his wife earlier on in the morning, regarding the dog. We suspect the owner had murdered the dog out of anger.

We would like to thank the constables from the Brakpan SAPS, for their excellent response and handling of this incident.

The accused was handcuffed and arrested on the scene. He will be prosecuted under the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 for animal cruelty in the Brakpan Magisterial courts.

We are completely devastated and horrified at this incident. Makes one almost ashamed to be human!

The attached photos show the Miniature Pincher, the bag she was tied in and the pole that was used to beat her.


Kind Regards,

Vicky Finnemore

Brakpan SPCA  

(011)742-2007      073 660 5717”

To me this is plenty proof that men who abuse women are animal abusers too…

They should be jailed… FOR LIFE!!!!


Wednesday, 06 July 2011

Hello Again


Hi Everyone.

I have been missing in action in the blogosphere for a while now…

Thanks so much to all of you who sent messages while I was away…

During the last week in the build up to my daughters theatre performance I caught a really nasty cold or some kind of flu. I was “man down” for a week after the show too.

The schools in our area then closed and I had to catch up on all the icky house work that I missed out on… blegh…

Monday was my little boy’s 11th Birthday and the celebrations went on for three days Smile 

011 Car Show at Kloof SPCA

We spent a lovely but rather chilly morning up in Kloof at the “Cars on the green” at the Kloof and Highway SPCA. It was such a fun way to show support shelter animals.

005 Car Show at Kloof SPCA

We spent time with family and went to see the 3D version of The Transformers – The Dark Side Of The Moon. I loved the movie – I loved the entire trilogy.
There is loads of action and the emotion captured in the first two movies continues. The story line is really interesting and takes you to another area of the AutoBots and Deceptacons journey. I don't want to say much more to give the story line away – but I recommend that you watch it… especially in 3D. The graphics are awesome – this is an experience you just cant miss…

I will be posting more regularly from now on – although it is still school holidays so please forgive me if I miss a couple of days here and there.

My Facebook page reached 80 likes today. If you write on my wall I will add you to my public profile and you can see what I am up to there. (I am always posting adoptees and lost and found pets on my Di Doodles About Stuff page…)

or Follow me on Twitter @DinkiK

I hope that you all have a super week.