Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Make Today Compliment Wednesday…

I’d like to leave you with a little lesson for the day… or maybe you could see it as a favour…
Today… go out there and give someone a compliment… Especially for those of you who don’t usually hand out compliments…
Here’s a little extra task…
Compliment someone who is having a busy or rough week…
Maybe you haven’t realised it – but your few words could make that persons day…

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mrs Eastwood and Mariska

“I visited a lady who had a strange problem.
She said at night when she sat down to go into her email on her computer she had a strange feeling of something on her lap. She said this feeling goes with a small hand touching her. She asked that I visit her in the evening to see what this could possibly be.
I found a two year old child walking around the study.
I spoke to the little girl and asked her a few questions. She said her name is Mariska. She kept calling "Otto"
I was wondering if that was her surname.
When I told the lady that's what I heard her say. She said Otto is her dog’s name.
I lifted the little girl to where she should be in spirit and the lady never had the feeling again but what was amazing is that her husband was a doctor and when his wife shared her story with him, he said he knows who the child is. He said a few weeks earlier he had done an autopsy on a little girl of two who had drowned.
The mother of Mariska was raped then stabbed to death; her brother was stabbed to death too. She was thrown in the pool by 3 escaped convicts that Mariska’s father arrested - he was a policeman. He found all 3 shot; all 3 dead and then shot himself on steps of the police station.
Till next week”
If you would like a reading from me or a would like a question answered or help in some way please send me your name, date of birth and your request as well as a minimum donation of R100 to me and I will answer you.
Either type a comment on this post or if you would like to keep it private please email with your request and contact email and I will get back to you with your answer.  
Mrs Eastwood is now on Facebook. You’ll find her as “De Eastwood”. She is new to social networking so give her a warm welcome.

Monday, 13 June 2011


I’m not ready for the hectic week ahead… so here’s silly old Paddy for you this Monday morning. I hope that you all have a super week…Smile
An old Irish farmer's dog goes missing and he's inconsolable. His wife says "Why don't you put an advert in the paper?" He does, but two weeks later the dog is still missing. "What did you put in the paper?" his wife asks. "Here boy" he replies. (think I’ll use this as my title to the next missing doggy pic…Smile with tongue out)  
Paddy goes to the vet with his goldfish. "I think it's got epilepsy" he tells the vet. Vet takes a look and says "It seems calm enough to me". Paddy says, "I haven't taken it out of the bowl yet".  
Paddy spies a letter lying on his doormat. It says on the envelope "DO NOT BEND ". Paddy spends the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to pick the bloody thing up.  
Paddy shouts frantically into the phone "My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!"
"Is this her first child?" asks the Doctor.
"No", shouts Paddy, "this is her husband!"  

Paddy was driving home, drunk as a skunk, suddenly he has to swerve to avoid a tree, then another, then another. A cop car pulls him over as he veers about all over the road. Paddy tells the cop about all the trees in the road. Cop says "For god’s sake Paddy, that's your air freshener swinging about!"  
Paddy's in jail. Guard looks in his cell and sees him hanging by his feet. "What the hell you doing?" he asks.
"Hanging myself" Paddy replies.
"It should be around your neck" says the Guard.
"I know" says Paddy "but I couldn't breathe".  

An answer I can understand.
An American tourist asks an Irishman: "Why do Scuba divers always fall backwards off their boats?" To which the Irishman replies: "If they fell forwards, they'd still be in the bloody boat."

Friday, 10 June 2011

Finally Friday!


Its been a hectic week so I thought it was best to end it on a light note… Have a super weekend!
'n Klein seuntjie speel in die sitkamer met sy treinstel. Sy Ma is in die kombuis doenig.

Sy hoor die klein seuntjie: "Toet-toooeeet, stasie nommer 56, almal wat wil af fok, fok af en almal wat wil opfok, fokop."

Sy Ma kry amper 'n hartaanval,... maar besluit sy los hom. So rukkie laterhoor sy hom weer: "Toet-tooeeet, stasie nommer 101, almal wat wil af donner, donner af en almal wat wil op donner, donner op."

Sy gryp hom, slaat sy gat aan die brand en stuur hom kamer toe. Sy sĂȘ hy kan uitkom as hy jammer is. So rukkie later kom hy snikkend uit sy kamer uit en gaan speel verder.

Toet-tooeet, stasie nommer 34, almal wat wil af klim, klim af en almal wat wil op klim, klim op en die van julle wat wil weet hoekom is die fkn trein laat, vra die teef in die kombuis =))

Thursday, 09 June 2011

Update To Yesterday’s Disgusting Advert…

So yesterday was quite a day in the world of those of us who care about animals…
We stood up to a couple of Goliaths and made them see that what they had done was cruel and insensitive.
Read about it here…
Eventually apologies began to surface as well as little donations towards animal welfare.
An interview aired on 702 which actually made me really angry. The chat was very one-sided and it seemed that the only callers that were aired were those trashing the work of animal activist’s country wide. They were not educated about the real issue at hand…
Then Andy Rice named us his BIG ZERO’s – he said that we “the complainers” had no sense of humour. He also mentioned that there were only 20 or 30 of us complaining…
Go and look yourself at YOU magazine and SHOE City’s Facebook pages and you tell me if only 20 or 30 people were complaining…
I honestly believe that they should have allowed an activist to speak and explain what the meaning of the ad actually was…
For children like my son (aged 10) in his own words the advert is disgusting and sick. He could not understand why cats would and should be run over…
The real issue here is crush video’s… The wording used in the ad directly relate to these disgusting acts. Crushing as described by the founder of is “STOMPING on ANIMALS for the SEXUAL GRATIFICATION of the viewer.”
Shoe City’s profile picture is this…
Which they still hadn’t removed when I checked this morning.
This picture is the kind of pictures depicted on crush sites.
Disgusting don’t you think…
People began to come out of the wood work late in the afternoon and in the evening and began to challenge activists and those fighting to stop the ad from being published again.
“oh congratulations you pulled an Ad you did so much…” was one of the comments…
Yes we stood together once again. POSITIVELY… We gained a little donation for our cause and gained some new animal lover friends along the way. Our team is growing… thanks to this ad. I am sure that most of us – if not all of us will boycott the companies involved. I know that I am. I will only check the magazines on Monday and hope that these fat cats have made good on their PR promises…
Another good thing that came out of this for me - I sat last night and wondered why I hadn’t seen the ad as I buy the YOU magazine every week… Then it hit me. I missed out on one copy in May… and that was the copy in which the ad was published. So you could say that I never helped pay for that sick advert…
I appeal to all of you reading this now… share this info… We need people to understand why we were angry.
We can see humour in things…
but this ad was really in bad taste.
Please comment if you would like to add any more info that I have left out.
Last but not least – thank you to everyone who stood together and had their say. Thank you for standing up for what is RIGHT. I am proud to be a part of the team…

Wednesday, 08 June 2011


What is going on with this world?
On the weekend we heard about a dog that was shot in the head, bound, and buried alive and then we hear that in Vereeniging a dog was abused and set alight…
Then we have companies advertising products by joking at animal abuse. There is no excuse…
People need to wake up…
Their destructive behaviour is not appropriate!
Look at this ad and decide how it makes you feel…
shoe city
Would you be upset if that was YOUR dog or cat skinned alive to make that shoe
Because that is what happens… it’s a fact and it is something that we should all stand against!
What if that was your mother, father, wife, husband, or child’s skin?
This is my response on the magazine’s wall…
You wouldn't allow this to be printed in your magazine... "
I'm getting a new pair of shoes - hmmm... They ran over your mother... and another pair... they ran over your wife... and finally the whopper of all pairs... I ran over your child!!!"
So why did you allow shoe city's advert?
I have been a reader of your magazine since a child when my mom would buy the magazine. I am so disgusted by this advertising I doubt I'll be buying another copy.
I agree with other ladies comments on the shoe city wall.
A substantial donation should be made to Animal Welfares COUNTRY WIDE by both YOU magazine for allowing this distasteful advertising as well as shoe city for starting this whole mess in the first place!
You should print a double page retraction where you instead show
1. where the money you donated was spent.
2. The living conditions of animals around the country
3. How much shelters struggle...
4. Abuse of animals country wide...
If something like this is not done I feel that you do not deserve to be a leading magazine and I'll be switching to one that is animal friendly
How about having your say instead of doing something frivolous today?

Tuesday, 07 June 2011

Mrs Eastwood’s Student…

Hi Everyone. Todays Mrs Eastwood post is a little different. Today we have a story written by one of the people that Mrs Eastwood helped.
Enjoy… and have a super day…
“I have a few stories with regards to Mrs Eastwood. She has helped me through some times that I have been convinced that there was no more help at all. One thing she helped with was the passing of my father. Even though no one can ever heal the pain and loss one goes through when loosing a parent or a loved one, she was able to assist me in handling what I had been through and was going through. However there was more to be dealt with.
Have you ever been alone in a room, and all of a sudden you hear a voice. You go cold with fear. Oh my word, there is someone here. What am I going to do? Who is there? Is the door locked? Is the alarm on? Then you hear it again. Hang on, am I just going crazy? It sounded almost like my own voice. I am going crazy. Why am I talking to myself?
This used to happen a lot whilst I was growing up. I was convinced that I was insane. I was then introduced to Mrs Eastwood and she started speaking to me about the guardian angels we all have during our lives. We always have one specific angel that is with us during our lives at all times. We can have four at any point in time that are guiding us through the various obstacles we walk through. If you are ill, you get an angle that will help you regain your strength and another that will help you have even more fun at a happy turn in your life. But do you even know that they talk to you as well. They are basically telling you what you should be doing. The only problem is that we do not listen to them. This is why there are so many things that may seem to go wrong in your life.
Mrs Eastwood taught me how to stop, breathe and to listen. If you stop and breathe, and then listen you will hear what they have to say. Mine was telling me to stop, and allow the sorrow and the pain of the loss of my father to come through. Blocking it like I was was making me sick. At first I really thought that she was not well herself. How on earth that this woman be telling me to listen to the voices in my head? Only crazy people hear voices in their heads, and then to talk back is yet an entirely different story. Now she is telling me to do both.
I did fall ill, and only when this did happen did I start to really listen to what she had been telling me. I stopped every day. Listened to what was around me. I would meditate every day to allow myself to calm down. I would willingly accept the Aura, better knows as earthly energy to those out there, into my life. It is the most powerful healing energy out there known to mankind. I would sit for a few hours every day, and listen to myself. I would express my feelings to myself. I would listen to my guides. I would hear their advice, and I would try and change things in my life to ensure that life started running the path that had been set out for us before we even took our first breath. Believe me when I say that you will not be crazy if you stop and listen for a while. It is very healthy to do this.
Mrs Eastwood taught me how to meditate. How to relax my entire body and allow the natural energy to flow through me. How to see the bigger picture out there. There is more to life that just trying to make as much money as you can. More than trying to ensure that everyone out there is happy. She taught me how to value the life I have in looking after myself first.
I was able to sit and work through a lot of things that happened in the years leading to the death of my father. I was able to slowly work through every step and every harsh word ever spoken. Using my guides to help me walk through the dark paths that we walked through with my dad. Helped me work through all the anger I had towards him. I was able to work through this in knowing that it was not his fault, he was ill, and he did not want to leave us to fend for ourselves. He wanted to be part of our lives. He was too ill to do that. I did not understand that. I was angry with him for not being part of my life. He left me. He died, and I was angry with him. But through the meditation, I started to listen and started to slowly work through this pain. The pain did become less. The anger did leave me eventually, and I started to mourn the death of my dad in the right way. I started to miss him. I wanted to tell him that. But I do know that in listening to the guides and asking them, they were able to help me come to peace with his passing. He was a peace, and I was starting to work through this.
There are many times in my life, that I have forgotten to speak to the guides, and I have forgotten to allow the energy to flow through me. To heal me, and to help me calm down. Meditation is the key. Stop, Breathe and Listen
So I do not think I am going crazy anymore. There are no strangers outside trying to hurt me. The door is locked, but no one wants to hurt me. My guides just want to speak to me. They want to get to know me even better, and I want to know them too.
So why don’t you ask Mrs Eastwood to help you stop those voices in your head. You are not crazy. Trust me on that one. It is always good to listen to your inner being. They are always right!
Hope this helps a few people out there.”
If you would like a reading from me or a would like a question answered or help in some way please send me your name, date of birth and your request as well as a minimum donation of R100 to me and I will answer you.
Either type a comment on this post or if you would like to keep it private please email with your request and contact email and I will get back to you with your answer.  
Mrs Eastwood is now on Facebook. You’ll find her as “De Eastwood”. She is new to social networking so give her a warm welcome.

Monday, 06 June 2011

Smile on Monday?


Garfield hates Monday’s – and I probably dislike them as much as him…

Here’s a little smile to start your week… Open-mouthed smile


‎​Why PLANNING is important ?

One Night 4 college students were playing till late night and could not study for the test which was scheduled for the next day.

In the morning they thought of a plan. They made themselves look as dirty with grease and dirt.

They then went up to the Dean and said that they had gone out to a wedding last night and on their return the tire of their car burst and they had to push the car all the way back and that they were in no condition to appear for the test.

So the Dean said they could have the re-test after 3 days. They thanked him and said they would be ready by that time.

On the third day they appeared before the Dean.

The Dean said that as this was a Special Condition Test, all four were required to sit in separate classrooms for the test.

They all agreed as they had prepared well in the last 3 days.

The Test consisted of 2 questions with a total of 100 Marks.

See Below for the Question Paper:

Q.1. Your Name ........ ........


Q.2. Which tire burst?

(98 MARKS)

a) Front Left        b ) Front Right

c) Back Left         d) Back Right



‎​Blonde standing at the envelope counter in the post office shouting into an envelope. Guy next to her: "what are you doing?" Blonde: "I'm sending a voice mail..."



Are You Confused?

I became confused when I heard the word "Service" used with these agencies:

Internal Revenue 'Service'

Employment 'Service' Canada

Social 'Service'

U.S. or Canada Postal 'Service'

Telephone 'Service'

Cable TV 'Service'

Civil 'Service'

State, City, County & Public 'Service'

Customer 'Service'

This is not what I thought 'Service' meant.

But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to 'Service' a few cows.۬۬

BAM!!!  It all came into focus.  Now I understand what all those agencies are doing to us.

I would hope that you are now just as enlightened as I am.



Lost your pen = no pen

No pen = no notes

No notes = no study

No study = Fail

Fail = no diploma

No diploma = no work

No work = no money

No money = no food

No food = you get skinny

You get skinny = then you get ugly

Ugly = no love

No love = no marriage

No marriage = no children

No children = alone

Alone = depression

Depression = sickness

Sickness = death

Lesson: Don’t lose your pen, you will die.

Friday, 03 June 2011

Help Durban’s Feral Kitties


what do you think he's sayingMy kitty Stiggy and I would like to appeal to you today…

Yesterday was one heck of a day so I would really like to see some good come from it.

While buying my groceries yesterday I ran into the lady from Animal Action Cat Rescue.

She used to sell books in a little centre on the weekends to raise funds for the kitties in her care. Yesterday she told me that she was no longer allowed to sell books there.

If you read my posts you will know that organisations like Animal Action rely on donations and fund raising to feed and sterilise animals.

Animal Action’s work stops the over population of feral cats within the city and surrounds. Without the feeding programme there would be unhealthy colonies as well as bigger problems than just trying to control the population of these feral kitties.

Toni who I chatted to yesterday, and Steve play a vital part in the Cat Rescue area. They have taken on responsibility for feeding and sterilisation of a feral cat colony in the city at their own expense.

Please consider helping out…

These are the ways in which you could help.

  • · A shopping centre that is willing to allow a weekend book sale…
  • · Donations directly for the kitties - pet food or money to buy the food.
  • · Donations of books to sell
  • · Jumble to sell – ornaments, pots, pans, dishes, books, tools, cosmetics.

Please remember that any donation you make, no matter how small helps.

Please share this post so that Toni and Steve can receive the donations they desperately need.

They are able to collect donations.

Contact them…

Toni: 071 361 1488


Steve: 072 322 9263

Thursday, 02 June 2011

Kitty Week


I received these cute kitties in a n email this week and put my own story to it.

I’m not so funny but the kitties will keep you smiling…



So you wake up in the morning and you decide its time for a little yoga…

yoga cat

handstand cat

You’re still not awake yet but washing needs to be hung…

 washing line Cat

clothes horse cat

sock cat

At the office you really don't feel like working…

office cat

So you try to clone yourself…

 copy cat 

and hide in the filing room…

filed cat

When its time to check your email you crash….

and blame the computer…

crash cat

at lunch time you stare out the window wishing the afternoon’s work was already done…

high on a ledge cat

window cat

And make fun at a friend…

melon cat

When you eventually arrive home you hang up your coat…

rack cat

Pack the dry washing away…

hung cat

and take out the trash…

box cat

You go out for a night on the town…

hobo cat

but you end up keeping the toilet company…

hung over cat

instead of working on the weekend….

working cat

You hide in a friend’s suitcase…

take me with cat

and relax…

cup size cat

in the sun…

tanning cat

you make a lazy Sunday lunch…

weekend cat

play the guitar…

musical cat

and watch a little TV chilling on the Lazy Boy…

fat lazy cat

posing cat

You cuddle a little with your lover…

lover cats

and take long naps…

sleeping cats

And that’s a good week in the life of a cat…


If you have some clean funny pet jokes send them my way…










Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Short And Sweet Monday…

Here’s a sweet little something to start your week…
have a happy Monday

Introducing…. Mrs Eastwood

Hi everyone.
Please give Di Doodles About Stuff’s new sponsor a warm welcome.
Just one little PS from me… Please remember that today is the last day to buy tickets for the Romeo’s Wish Raffle!

Have a lovely day.
I would like to introduce myself to you
I am known as Mrs Eastwood. I have been working as a psychic since 1991.
Every week, I will be writing a short story for you to read about some of my work.
Some will be Psychic some haunted, some pure miracles but they are all true.
Alejandro’s Story.
I work on the road and one day I went into a suburb about 15km from where I live. I found a kitten that was sickly and unfed.
I felt so sorry for him and decided to bring him home with me.
We nursed him for about two weeks giving him a lot of love and care before allowing him to go outside for the first time. Unfortunately when he did go outside our neighbour’s dog had escaped and chased him.
We searched high and low for him but had no luck in finding him.
Heartbroken, we prayed everyday for his return. We asked the animal kingdom to protect him where ever he had found his way to.
We visualised him coming home and prayed that he would be fed wherever he was.
Four days later I found a cat that had been run over and thought that this was our Alejandro. Another day passed and I was still very sad that this lovely kitten was gone.
I went to work in the same suburb where we initially found Alejandro. A worker in the area came to speak to me and told me that he had spotted him wondering around. I was overjoyed when I found that it was him. I called to him and he came running to me. His paws were hurting and he had been kicked in the face but he was ALIVE!
I felt that I had been given another chance…
Once again I took him home with me and nursed him back to health.
He is a loving homely cat now, and has settled in beautifully with our other pets.
If you would like a reading from me or a would like a question answered or help in some way please send me your name, date of birth and your request as well as a minimum donation of R100 to me and I will answer you.
Mrs Eastwood
Either type a comment on this post or if you would like to keep it private please email with your request and contact email and I will get back to you with your answer.
Contact me for account details.

Mrs Eastwood and the Spirit Motorcyclist

Hi Everyone,
Here is your Mrs Eastwood story for this week.
I can personally vouch for the story of the motorcyclist – even though it may sound a little like the Film Ghost. The Motorcyclists sister is a long time friend of mine. The information that she received about the accident didn't make sense at all but with Mrs Eastwood’s help the mystery surrounding her brothers death was solved.

This is a little introduction to my story this week to give you an idea of my background.
I was apparently two years old when I was already predicting things and telling my parents who was going to die. I was a weird child with many ideas in my head - I picked up events that would happen before they would happen. I didn’t want to sleep alone as I had strange people visit me - without feet - and couldn’t sleep as I was terrified. Being so young I didn’t understand what was happening so my childhood was spent crying.
The older I got the wiser I became as I was beginning to realise that this was actually a gift and that I did not have demons in me as what some people were saying.
Various ministers prayed for me who said that I was possessed. I later had a minister say to me that I had a gift as I never called the dead; they appeared only when there was a message for someone. I also only had visions of events taking place when these events were danger warnings to people that I knew.
I was now not prayed for anymore and people started to accept me as a psychic. A lady I met came to me and explained what was good and what was not. I learned a lot from her and later she became a very good friend whom I will always be thankful for what she taught me.
I picked things up myself after that from the spirit world. I am grateful for all the knowledge that I now have.
The story for this week is about a woman whose brother passed away in a motorcycle accident. He appeared in my lounge while I was grocery shopping. When I arrived home I found my children sitting on the pavement outside my house. My daughter came running to me saying that there was a strange spirit man in the lounge and that they would not go into our home until I had removed him. I went in and told him to go and to come back when my children were asleep as he was frightening them.
That evening after my children went to sleep I sat at the computer and played monopoly with the computer as player 2. All of a sudden the computer started playing against me without pressing the keys.
When I asked who was playing with me - this is strange - the name of the motorcyclist appeared on the screen. I asked him what he wanted to say and he told me that it wasn’t an accident that he was murdered.
He gave me certain details of the accident - which we later found out was the exact event that took place. It helped his sister with the investigation as well as to get over his death.
Till next week
Mrs Eastwood
If you would like a reading from me or a would like a question answered or help in some way please send me your name, date of birth and your request as well as a minimum donation of R100 to me and I will answer you.
Either type a comment on this post or if you would like to keep it private please email with your request and contact email and I will get back to you with your answer.
Contact me for account details.

Mrs Eastwood’s Missing Child Case

Hi Everyone, here is your Tuesday Mrs Eastwood story.
I hope you all have a lovely Day.

Cat faceDi
One of the first cases I had to work on was of a young child who was kidnapped.
A friend of mine, a psychic, was given a teddy bear that belonged to this little girl as she couldn't pick up enough info without a personal item. I sat down quietly to see what I could find and I also asked my daughter to assist me through meditation.
After a day had passed I had seen the child in a squatter camp where two rivers join. She was held hostage there. My daughter told me that she saw light blue painted wood and a road sign that looked like a fork in a road. We thought that the blue painted wood was possibly the colour used to paint over the seal of the windows.
It was the time when white people were not allowed to enter townships. We went to the police with the case along with a family member, but they didn't want to go out with us as they believed we were wasting their time. They did not believe in psychics.
We tried to organise an aeroplane to fly over the area but could only do it on the Thursday as the plane was due for a service.
After much begging on the Wednesday morning I felt that it was too late; that the little girl has passed away and that she would be found later that day in water.
When we watched the news on TV we saw that her body had been in a lake. She was also clutching a light blue box.
A few weeks later the police caught the suspects and we heard that she was held exactly where I said at a township and where the highway forked into two directions.
I received an apology from the young detective saying that the senior detective would not allow him to follow up on what I said - he had told him it would be a waste of time.
This was a very heart breaking story for me as I felt so useless. For the parents it was a terrible loss.
God Bless till next week.
Mrs Eastwood
If you would like a reading from me or a would like a question answered or help in some way please send me your name, date of birth and your request as well as a minimum donation of R100 to me and I will answer you.
Either type a comment on this post or if you would like to keep it private please email with your request and contact email and I will get back to you with your answer.
Contact me for account details.

Learning From Mrs Eastwood

This weeks Mrs Eastwood Post, is a little learning curve. This weeks story may help those with a loved one in a coma.
Mrs Eastwood has also added a little piece she received by email and it resonates with what has been happening in my life; and I am sure that you will see meaning in it too. Its an awesome piece.

Thank you Mrs Eastwood…
Have a super TuesdayCat face.
Story for this week. …
A young girl approached me in a very tearful state. Her boyfriend of 5 years had an aeroplane crash and was in hospital in Pretoria in a coma. He was not responding at all and was in a bad way. Doctors were expecting the worst.
She confided in me and told me that just before the plane accident he had proposed to her and they were making wedding plans.
He had taken her to dinner and she was delighted with all the arrangements. One of his family members had interfering.
This had caused a fight between the couple. It was their first fight and he dropped her off at her parents’ home without even saying goodbye.
The following morning the horrific plane crash happened.
She told me how much she loved him and that she was too scared to go to the hospital. She said his parents would blame her for the crash as he was most upset about the argument the previous evening.
I looked into her eyes and told her to think of her boyfriend. In my mind’s eye I saw him in the hospital bed and heard him say without her he wouldn't want to live. I also saw his mother hugging her at his bedside.
I told her to go to the hospital as her presence at his bedside will bring him out of his coma, that they would get married and his mother would be happy to see her. The following day she went to visit him at the hospital.
Her fiancĂ©’s mother greeted her with a big hug.
She then sat next to his bed and held his hand; she spoke about how sad she was about their argument and about how much she loved him.
When she stopped talking she moved closer to kiss him on his cheek and he squeezed her hand. A little while after that he opened his eyes. He had come out of his coma.
Shortly after he was released from hospital they got married.
The lesson from this story is that you can talk to people in a coma.
They can hear you.
We know too many people in our livesBoy
We care and love them so much..Red heart
That we don't want to lose them..Angel
But suddenly..Disappointed smile
We are betrayedI don't know smile , Disappointed Sad smile and maybe hurt Broken heart!!
Wondering Confused smile
'' Why is this happening Sad smile ..? ''
For a moment we lose our faith on people ..Broken heart
Promising ourselves not to trust anyone anymore .. Thinking smile
Then we move on Clock ..
Meeting new people Girl..
And the same process keeps continuing again and again... Red roseWilted rose
Not because we're dumb or weak Thumbs down
But because this is the way of life Clock..
There is a lesson behind every painEmail ..
A message with every person we meet Email
A purpose for everything in life .. Umbrella
We cannot change facts .. Light bulb
But we can only change ourselves
‎​​Always have a unique character like salt,
Its presence is not felt BUT
Its absence makes all things TASTELESS..
Till next week
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