Thursday, 07 July 2011

WARNING: This is disturbing–but the story needs to be told…


I received this story via email during the week…

This is a case of MURDER! The story ahs been published in the local press and we now have permission to network and raise awareness to the shocking cruelty the SPCA and Rescue organisations face daily.

I must tell you that if you are going to read further – have tissues nearby… I couldn’t hold back tears for this poor baby. I honestly hope that this disgusting human gets all that is coming to him. KARMA…. is all I have to say…

“On Thursday 16th June (Youth Day) the Brakpan SPCA responded to a very disturbing complaint. We were called out by the Brakpan SAPS to assist with the arrest of a man who had throttled his dog with a cable tie to prevent it from making a noise, while he beat it to death with a lead pipe.

The incident took place in Brakpan North. When we arrived we found a well built man standing calmly in his driveway talking to the police, (the owner). The police introduced themselves and took us to the scene where we found a small Miniature Pincher lying on the ground with several fresh wounds on her body. She was dead. She also had a cable tie, tied around her neck, so tightly, we were unable to cut it off with a knife. Her head was horribly disfigured from the blows of the steel pipe and her tongue had turned blue. Next to her body, lay a white plastic bag, stained with blood. The Constable who had called us to the scene, claimed that he had found the little dog in the plastic bag when he had arrived.

A neighbour had phoned the police when she had heard the screams from the dog as it was getting beaten. She also witnessed the pet owner place the dog in the plastic bag while it was still alive. I asked the owner why he had done this to his animal. He claimed that his dog had been sick and that he had decided to end its suffering by killing it in the most humane way he could.

He blatantly admitted to me that he had strangled the dog with the cable tie and then beat it to death with the lead pipe. We found no physical evidence that the animal had been sick as she appeared to have been in perfect health.

We sent her body to Ondersterpoort for an autopsy which verified that the dog had been beaten and even stabbed with a sharp object (possibly a knife) through one side of her body and out the other. The side of her heart was pierced in the process.

Further investigations have indicated that the owner had fought with his wife earlier on in the morning, regarding the dog. We suspect the owner had murdered the dog out of anger.

We would like to thank the constables from the Brakpan SAPS, for their excellent response and handling of this incident.

The accused was handcuffed and arrested on the scene. He will be prosecuted under the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 for animal cruelty in the Brakpan Magisterial courts.

We are completely devastated and horrified at this incident. Makes one almost ashamed to be human!

The attached photos show the Miniature Pincher, the bag she was tied in and the pole that was used to beat her.


Kind Regards,

Vicky Finnemore

Brakpan SPCA  

(011)742-2007      073 660 5717”

To me this is plenty proof that men who abuse women are animal abusers too…

They should be jailed… FOR LIFE!!!!



  1. I have no words, Di. People like that should not be allowed to take one more breath. They should suffer the same fate. This is why I refuse to support charities that help people - look how sick people are!!!

  2. According to this article charges have been temporarily dropped pending further investigations!
    This filth cannot get away scott free!
    http://www /news/crim e-courts/d og-beaten- to-death-w ith-pipe-1 .1094231

  3. Any news maybe regarding the investigation and a possible court date?

  4. There has been no news as yet...
    I will keep checking the news and if I get any further email updates I will either post them here or on my Di Doodles About Stuff page on Facebook.!/pages/Di-Doodles-About-Stuff/147284858672368

  5. This is a page created in memory of this little Min Pin. Ruscha.

  6. Maureen Crangle08 July 2011 at 09:42

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your courage in exposing animal abuse. It is horrific! I so wish there was a national register of animal abusers - name and shame them. I am passionate about animals and have 13.
    I salute you, Di, for the amazing work you are doing. May you have strength to fight each battle..

  7. I echo what Linda Harding said...100%

  8. This is via Keith James ▶ posted on the In memory of Ruscha page on fb.
    Hi folks. Just a quick update on the Ruscha case: The warrant officer investigat ing the case returned from leave on Monday.
    Yesterday she came to see me with the docket and I submitted additional evidence to the docket.
    We are waiting for one last witness statement and the docket will be sent to court.
    Should be within the next few days! Hold thumbs!
    * thanks for the update Victoria*