Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Feral Furbabies


Hi Everyone,

Time to tell you about my new project…

I have been so excited and really couldn’t wait to tell you all about it.

I have joined a team of ladies who have started a feral feeding scheme at the Pavilion Shopping Centre.

There is a lot that needs to be done and a lot of areas could use your help.

Before I get carried away, for those of you who don’t know;



a feral cat is a domesticated cat that hasn’t been socialised. They have either ended up being abandoned or have strayed away from their homes.



Ferals mostly rely on scrounging through garbage to find food. The luckier ferals are part of a feeding scheme.

To get to my main point of this post, I would like to ask for your help.

There are a few little kittens still following mommy, and some bigger tabby kittens. I haven’t seen daddy cat yet. But I will keep you up-to-date with developments.

We would like to trap and sterilise mommy, but this is what Lisa who has been feeding these angels on the weekends, has noticed:

“ I saw 3 new adult cats and the 3 new babies came out from their trolley safe haven for a bit. They look about 4-5 weeks old.  The Mom is either a tabby or a big black female cat as she looked very heavy but she could be about to drop kittens.
I also spotted an adult tabby with a long fluffy tail.
There are still 3 tabby’s and I hope to somehow try capture them as they are getting rather big now and the conditions leave much to be desired but thankfully they do have some shelter.”

After doing a bit of research and looking at where the kitties are situated; we could really benefit from donations of the following:

  • Cash donations: for maintenance (buying the below items),(banking details per request via email)
  • Dry cat and kitten food
  • Food bowls. (ideally we should be using stainless steel bowls, to reduce the spread of bacteria, but ice-cream containers or the like would be more than helpful)
  • At the moment there is no place where food can be kept dry and safe from the elements.
    If you have any materials for example: wood off-cuts or tarp, that would help us to build a few small boxes to house food bowls


Please contact me on if you can help with any of the above. BIG and small donations are very welcome.

We are hoping to get plenty donations for our angels so that we will be able to share with the various feeding stations at the Pavilion.

Thanks to all of you for your regular support and be sure to pop back for more updates.

Yours Purrfully



  1. Hi Di, is this you feeding these cats? About 10 years ago I rescued one from Pavilion (I was 15), she was this skinny white cat with funny patches on her body, she was rubbing up against a bin and was so weak that we were able to take her. She was the most divine cat in this world, but sadly due to her light skin she ended up with cancer and the vet botched up the operation to remove her ear with the cancer :( I miss that beautiful girl everyday. Please keep posting updates how it goes, the ferals at that centre are very close to my heart. -Tamryn Stevens

  2. Hi Tams,
    I am very sorry to hear about that poor little angel!

    Mandy from Kitten Action is the one who decided to start up the entire scheme.

    I met Lisa on Sunday and we are operating one of the stations at the Pav.
    There are a few stations as there are so many little ones to feed.
    I know that there are quite a few at the hospital too!

    This is why I am hoping to get donations and spread them between the stations.

    Every bit helps right...

    I will definitely do many more updates and take pics too.
    there are some truely gorgeous kitties there.

    xx Di

  3. Do you need any help with feeding?

  4. Hi Sally
    I have moved Di Doodles to
    please follow me there.
    we are possibly looking for more feeders