Wednesday, 08 December 2010

DVD's we've watched recently

DVD’s we’ve watched recently.
I love a good movie. I can rip a movie to shreds, but in the past week I have enjoyed watching a few DVD’s that are worth mentioning. For us in SA the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Collection is on the shelves at popular stores, I think that they are worth looking out for. We recently bought They Call Me Trinity (1970), which is one my brother and I watched many times over as kids. For us its one of those movies that our mom got us watching and it has ended up being one of our family classics.
It’s a Western movie with a touch of silly brute humour that only Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer can provide. There’s a list of movies to choose from, but the “Trinity’s” are my favourites.
For those of you who aren’t particularly fond of Westerns – like me - you may end up enjoying these too. It’s the type of collection that the entire family can enjoy.
After a LONG wait I finally got to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. We loved Heath Ledger’s interpretation of The Joker, in The Dark Knight. Ten Things I hate about you and A Knights Tale are two of my other favourites where Heath had the lead.
Before watching The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, you must remember that Heath died during the making of the movie, so it is “unfinished”, meaning that Heath’s part would never reach its full potential. The way that the movie was completed however paid tribute to Heath. His characters departure – as in Heath’s departure - from the film was mind blowing for me.
Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell’s addition to complete the film was done in such a way that it could be expected because of the nature of the film.
The story takes you on a weird trip into others imaginations, where their dreams become reality. It gives you a taste of good versus evil and left me with many thoughts on its meaning.
I wouldn’t recommend that you watch the movie with someone who would sum it up in the first five minutes. You need to embrace the weirdness and go with it.
If you’re an action junkie you’ll love The Expendables the box says that it’s the most awesome action cast ever assembled, and it truly is. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis Jet Li, Dolf Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Terry Crews, Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts and even a cameo appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The Story line is about overthrowing a ruthless dictator. The film is action-packed; a movie where the stuntmen out-number the designers, as well as having touches of humour. It had me laughing out loud. It’s one of those action movies - that will have you chomping at your popcorn without even realising it.
For people like me who are against abuse towards women, you’ll love Jason Statham’s characters reaction to abuse. Jason also did all of his own stunts, including one where he hangs on the front of a plane.
The last film I’d like to recommend for this post is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Nicolas Cage once again teams up with producer Jerry Bruckheimer – this time in a Disney Film. If you enjoy their combination you will enjoy this movie too.
It’s a fun adventure story for the family.
I enjoyed Jay Baruchel’s character of the “perfect” geeky student, learning about his “hidden magical qualities” and Nicolas cage adding humour to his lines in his own unique way. Teresa Palmer reminded me of a young Naomi Watts.
The special effects are really cool, and add to the magic of the film.
Its until the next blog post from me… J

Friday, 03 December 2010

Bullying -

As a mother of a child experiencing bullying at school I think it is vitally important that parents are aware of the signs that a child is being bullied, as well as how to prevent it and what to do if it happening to your child.
This is what I have experienced and information that I have found to be very helpful.
When I first heard that my son was being bullied at school I was horrified. It took me back to the days when I experienced school bullies while I was still at school.
Bullies made my school life really difficult. There were days that I didn’t want to go to school, just so I could avoid having to deal with the children who were harassing me.

I was verbally bullied, bullied by being excluded, as well as being threatened.
Having a difficult home life, I never had the coping mechanisms instilled in me, to deal with bullies and I crept further into my shell. Years later I found my strength and I will no longer allow myself to be in that situation again. There is no way that I will allow it to be a factor in my children’s lives.
My son’s experiences have been different.
The latest bully has been picking on him in the classroom as well as seeking him out at break time to continue harassing him.
The bully:
·         harasses him on his way to his desk,
·         steals his stationery and refuses to return it,
·         hits him with rulers and other objects,
·         pushes him around, (on one occasion into the hook for the classroom door)
·         slaps and punches him,
·         tells my son that he can’t do things - that he has already cleared with teachers,
·         laughs at my son for no reason,
·         resorts to name calling,
·         he lies when he is confronted,
I realised that this is typical behaviour for a bully when I read an article forwarded to me by a friend.
So as not to repeat any of the information here is a link to the page. It describes types of bullying, why students bully and the impact of bullying.
The Result:
I had a meeting this morning at my son’s school. The class teacher is at her wits end with the bully. The Head of Department for grade 4 and the Principal are all dealing with the issue at hand. The parents of the bully have been contacted.
I have ensured that they have all the info that I could possibly give them, so that they could deal with each problem area effectively.
I now hope that the bully’s parents take action and work with the school. I am taking my zero tolerance approach, and I hope that you would do the same for your child.
My tips would be that you always speak to your child. Have an open line of communication.
My son and I have our time in the kitchen every evening. He has a passion for food so while we are cooking together he talks about his day. It’s a relaxed atmosphere so it is easy for him to talk about anything that is bothering him.
Go with your gut. If you feel that something is not right – it probably isn’t.
You’ll know when to push your child for answers.
Don’t leave the situation at educating your child on how to react.
Always take things further.
Go to the school prepared. (In my meeting today I was able to enlighten the teacher as to problem areas that had not been addressed)
You can’t be sure of what will happen in the future, but making sure that everyone is aware of the issue at hand is a vital step.
Ensure that you and the class teacher have a clear plan of action and ask the teacher to explain this plan to your child as well as you explaining it to him or her. It leaves your child with peace of mind.
One tip from the articles I read that resonated with me was not to allow a meeting with both children in the room. I had been down that road before – and the outcome was not what I wanted or expected.
Thank you to Soooz for all the information.
I learned earlier this year, that it helps to share your story with others. Your story may just help someone else who is in the same situation. I will post updates of any new developments...

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Positive Food For Thought

Positive food for thought…
So I’m a month down the line from feeling so hopelessly disconnected from everyone and everything around me.
I wanted a fast return of my positive self but unfortunately I first had some “mind” obstacles to overcome.
My ponderings for today are about positive thought.
Do you believe in positive thought? Do you believe it can work?Before you jump up and answer my question, read on - and then decide.
A couple of years back a friend of mine gave me a DVD copy of The Secret. I’ve watched it a couple of times and looking at the testimonies of the people on the film I was pretty much in awe of how it worked for them.
Last week I found a copy of the first book.
I’m reading it slowly and “taking it in” chapter by chapter.
 it's one of THOSE days -
I'm going back to bed!
I definitely agree that if you stub your toe in the morning, it’s probably a given that you’re going to have a clumsy day and the more you “focus” on those negative moments they just keep on happening.
I’ve had a day where my friend’s car seemed to be attacking me, yes – every time I’d have a clumsy moment it involved the car!
I bumped my noggin on the roof, the door slammed into my leg, It seemed to be a vicious circle of me against the Raider. I ended up looking like I was abused.
For those of you who know me well enough, you will know that I’m a natural clutz, but I wonder if those who don’t believed me when I told them what happened. It could easily have been construed as – hmm – ok – she was attacked by a car… sure!
By the end of the day I was laughing at myself and the day started to improve.
Note to self: You still worry about what other people think?? Duh! You know the truth and that’s all that matters.
I’m seriously veering off the subject here – so straight back to it then.
This week I decided to start changing things here and there so that I could lead a more positive life.
I have honestly had a pretty decent week.
Monday was positively stressful. My husband went back to work - for the day - during his time of being booked off work with a broken femur - and now he thankfully knows himself that returning so early was not such a good idea. This is what made me decide to make my days more positive, so I decided to give each day of the week a positively delicious name, and see how things went from there.
Tremendously Terrific Tuesday went off without a hitch; Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday was just that. I’ve had moments with a friend that I wouldn’t exchange for any cash in the world and other things have been working out as if they were arranged to perfection.
I even managed to change from a negative mindset to a positive one.
I caught one of my kids being really naughty, usually that would set the day off into a tailspin on negative happenings. Without even considering the secret’s teachings I had thought of something really good and I had a smile on my face. I felt like a super star when I realised what had happened.
Hmm… this is really working…
On good days the kids and I usually choose a really loud and bouncy song to sing-a-long to in the car in the mornings, on the way to school. It’s an awesome way to start the day… so now we do it every day. It just sets our days off on the right note. (For us music addicts that is ;))
This is one that my kids and I get going to... Dunno why but it brings on our happy vibe...
So this is the point I’m at right now…
Have you had moments like these?
Would you test it?

Monday, 25 October 2010

A chat and a HUG

You know those days when you're so emotionally drained from worrying about someone that you love that only a nice long face to face chat with an understanding friend and a great big HUG and sob will make you feel better?

Today is one of those days.
I wish I could pour my heart out just so that some of this emotional, confusing "stuff" could leave my body. It feels like a poison crawling through my veins.

I have so many picture flashes going through my mind, its as if they are haunting me.

Don't get me wrong here I've appreciated all the support, caring messages and calls. I just feel so distant from everyone. Its like I'm on a planet all of my own where I've been left to rott away alone with my poisoned mind.

I wish I could verbally print the images receive my hug have a good ol' cry and release the poisons...

Friday, 22 October 2010


Today I'm reposting last years Fireworks post.
I received an email with some updated info which is worth keeping here for you and I to refer back to.
Its from the SPCA regarding fireworks the laws in SA...

Please read on after my original article...

Fireworks may be beautiful to us but they traumatise animals.

*No cruelty is justifiable.*

Firework displays and celebrations bring confusion anxiety and fear into thelives of animals, causing many to run away from their homes in an effort to escape the frightening detonations.

*Fireworks are not animal friendly.*

You really need to consider all the factors to fully understand the magnitude of the effects of fireworks.
Shelters, animal organisations, and vets are overwhelmed by the after effects of fireworks.
There is an increased number of stray animals and reports of injuries and trauma to animals.

Animals that have been fortunate enough to be reunited with their families after an event like this are part of the lucky few. Animals are hit by cars and are injured – if not KILLED!!

Animals never grow accustomed to these loud bangs.
The hearing of animals is six times more sensitive than that of human hearing. Imagine that.
A dog can hear a whisper from almost three times as far away as you can.

There will always be one fool who will let of really loud bangs so here area few tips to help your pets on during fireworks celebrations. 

- *Keep your pets inside. * 

- *Keep them comfortable.* 

- *Let them hide if they want to – it's their way of coping.* 

- *Keep your curtains closed – I have heard of dogs that have jumped  through windows to "attack" the fireworks.* 

- *Keep your TV or radio on – this will drown out some of the noise from  the bangs.* 

- *Have some pet toys as a distraction.(cat nip toys for cats)* 

- *Speak to your vet about using rescue remedy for a pet that is more  sensitive to loud bangs.* 

- *Stay with your pet – and be calm – pets, just like children are  sensitive to your moods. * 

- *Make sure your Pet ID and other tags are up to date so in –case your  pet does go missing it will be easier to identify you as its owner.*

Here's the SPCA article...



Issued by the


PO Box 1320, ALBERTON 1450

Telephone: (011) 907-3590

Fax: (011) 907-4013




This law applies nationwide with no exceptions.

It is unlawful to discharge any firework in any building, on any public thoroughfare or in any public place or resort without prior written permission of the local authority. (Section 10.34)

Section 10.35 relates to public displays of fireworks and states that no person may do so on any premises without the written permission of the Chief Inspector of Explosives (commonly known as “having a permit”). This written permission will stipulate conditions and any non-compliance with them is a criminal offence.

In terms of the Explosives Act, no person shall allow or permit any children under the age of 16 to handle or use fireworks except under the supervision of an adult person.

This Act is enforced by the South African Police Service (SAPS) not by the SPCA. Please report any offences to your nearest SAPS, giving as many details as you possibly can and quoting the Act name and number plus the relevant section as given above.




We are referring to domestic properties in this section and to shop-bought fireworks. Whether or not it is legal to set off fireworks on a person’s own property is governed by the local by-laws. In some areas, no firework may be set off at any time without the written permission of the local authority. In other areas, it is permitted to set off fireworks on specified dates between certain times on domestic properties.

Please check local by-laws and make sure the by-laws you examine or are referred to are the most up-to-date ones. Many Municipalities amended their by-laws recently specifically on the issue of fireworks. Your Council or your local SPCA should be knowledgeable on the situation in your area.

In some areas, the discharging of fireworks could be an offence in terms of noise pollution. It is worth checking - and it is always worth reporting any untoward or hooligan use of fireworks.

Discuss the matter with a local councillor, advise and call your security company and do not be afraid to submit complaints and reports to your local SAPS.


This falls under the Explosives Act and conditions for sale are strict.

It is not possible for any informal sale of fireworks (hawkers, roadside or any open-air sellers) to conform with this Act. It is imperative that any informal displays of fireworks for sale or sellers of fireworks in the open air are reported to the SAPS as quickly as possible.

In addition to the principles and ethics involved, there is a real danger if fireworks are displayed, handled and sold in the open air.

Any seller of fireworks must be in possession of a current licence issued by the Chief Inspector of the Department of Explosives. This licence (often referred to as a permit) is not transferable. That is, a shop with a permit to sell fireworks may not remove stock to a market or roadside and then claim “We have a permit.” The licence refers to the premises stated on this permit. Don’t be fooled

Fireworks may not be displayed in a window or any other place where fireworks can be interfered with by the public. This means that fireworks in a licensed shop must be either under the counter or locked in a cabinet. It is an offence to display or place fireworks where a shopper can pick them up or handle them in any way – including being able to put them into a shopping basket or trolley.

If you see fireworks displayed in a way that violates the law – report it!

There are strict regulations relating to signage (NO SMOKING, for example) and the necessity of having exits (preferably two) unlocked and unbolted whilst fireworks are on sale and that a clear passage must exist between counters holding fireworks and the exits. The Act states that if a firework dealer has only one exit, the fireworks must be placed at the rear (relative to the exit) of the building.


This is important and an often overlooked aspect of the issue. Reports confirm that fireworks have been sold at tuck shops, having been taken out of their packaging, much in the way that individual cigarettes are sold at spaza shops.

Fireworks must be marked, labelled, packed and sold in accordance with regulations and fireworks must be in the original packaging complete with instructions when sold. It is an offence in terms of the Explosives Act to interfere with the packaging of fireworks or to permit the packaging to be interfered with.

If you come across fireworks for sale that look as if the packaging has been interfered with or removed, please report it. You could be saving a life or preventing severe injuries.


The SPCA movement said in the past that it preferred organised fireworks events to the random, individual use of fireworks. But this cannot be taken to mean that pyrotechnics events meet with SPCA approval. In fact, it is our opinion that the vast majority of them are inappropriate and that each one should be judged on its own merits.

Perhaps this is another example of events or issues when the SPCA says, “It may be legal but we strongly oppose.” If you do too, then please do not be afraid to make your view known to the organiser (shopping centre etc), local newspapers, councillors in your area and the community whose peace will be shattered by the planned event.

Never underestimate the power of public opinion. And it’s never too soon to start lobbying. If this year’s event disturbed you, let them know NOW before they plan next year’s event.

Stay positive. Tell them how much support will be given if they abandon fireworks.


Not left to the end through lack of importance but because we are sick and tired of telling responsible people how to care for traumatised pets, when we should be telling idiots they are breaking the law and ought to wake up and be responsible. Our handy guide to pet owners is below: -

• Ensure all animals have identification

• If possible, stay home with them if you suspect fireworks fiends are about

• If you can’t be home with them, keep them inside and preferably in a room such as the kitchen where the windows are higher (and more difficult to jump through)

• Attempt to mask any noise by drawing curtains and playing calming music at a reasonable volume

• Put familiar and comforting things around them such as toys, baskets etc

• Provide them with something to do such as giving your dog a chewy bone or lots of catnip or a catnip toy for felines.

• If your pets do react badly to fireworks, then seek professional advice from your veterinarian.

• Why not ensure your pets have a hearty and nutritious meal around nightfall. This will make them more likely to be sleepy!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The beginning…
Well here's a little about me to start this baby off…

First things first I've never been an amazing writer so don't expect any beautifully worded articles.
If that does happen to occur its pure co-incidence… ;)

I'm not going to get all morbid now and tell you about my sad existence…lol
I'm a creative, sentimental, passionate, cRaZy - nut.
OK - so I have trust issues too - and a shit load of baggage - but that story will come along later...
I'm way too excited to get this thing off the ground than to sit mulling over all that right now.

So… what's the plot here…I plan to say what I want - how I want - and - why the hell not? ;)

I love music it adds ambience to my moods or changes a bad mood into a good one.

I also enjoy movies so be prepared to read just what I think about a movieI've seen.
Some movies irritate me to such an extent that it can turn into my own homage from the exorcist…
Mostly I tend to stay away from those movies that have imaginary, bright red, no entry signs flashing in front of their DVD boxes!

Back to my homage from the exorcist …Well I do tend to go overboard when it comes to animal abuse… (Actually abuse of any kind gets my blood boiling!)
Like I said the whys and the hows of that will come later.

I have always had an interest in art and creative hobbies.
My latest creative venture is photography.
Since going digital I've realised how much I enjoy photography. I hope to keep-it-up so you'll be able to see some of my photographic experiments here too.

I will get serious every now and again and tell you about the things that are important to me.

That is about it , well for this session any way. ;)

Have a beautiful day

Wednesday, 20 October 2010