Friday, 20 January 2012

From A Pound Dog

Thanks go out to Tracey Hartley who shared this poem on the animal noticeboard.

Have a super weekend and keep this poem in mind if you are considering adding to your family.

The picture’s i chose here are really powerful. Thanks to those who took the time and effort to make them.




Today is the day that I shall die
My life was short and I don’t know why
I don’t yet know that this will be my fate
The humans just stood there at my gate.
And in their eyes I saw their sorrow
They told me I had no more time to borrow
My 14 days have been and gone
And I’m yet to know what I’ve done wrong.


I greeted the humans with a waggling tail
But with this their resolve seemed to fail
I did not understand why they cried
They told me again and again how they had tried.But rescues are full and I’m on death row
And this meant that I had nowhere to go
Except for that room and the end of the block
It was only then that I took stock.I’ve seen others go in and never come out
And it was at this point that I had no doubt
Today was the day that I would die
And yet still I did not understand why.


As they led me kindly into that room
I knew my life would be over soon
And again the humans tears began to flow
Another life to be lost on dog death row
I know I’m not the only one
One dog an hours dies as I have done
The needle comes out and the drug takes effect
The human holds me kindly and with respect.
This is the end and I’m going to die
And then suddenly I understood why


I was bred without care, without thought or reason
Only because my mum came into season.
I was bred to be sold, bred for the money
At first my new family thought my antics were funny
But as the days past by and the bigger I grew
Left home alone all day
I began to chew.
Soon they said this is not the place for me
So up went my ad onto Gumtree
Family dog free to good home Five months old,no fault of her own that she is being sold.
This next place was even less fun
Kept in a cage with no hope of a run
Soon came the day of my first season
And now I was the one bred without reason.
My pups were soon sold and I was aloneI really hope they all found a loving home
Shut up in a cage, alone and in the dark
For hours on end I would just bark.Once again I became too much trouble


So up went my ad on the double
Work commitments forces reluctant sale
Only ten months old, it’s a familiar tale.The next people seemed nice at first
But it was not too long before the bubble burst
In this place I was to be trained to fight
But they gave up on that as I refused to bite.
They spoke me as I was taken back to my crate
‘If you won’t fight we’ll use you as bait
’I was chained to a post by my collar
When the other dogs attacked I would holler.
This life went on like this for quite a time
But I was soon told I was past my prime
I thought we might have been going for a walk
Yet in the car there was no talk.
And slowly as the car came to a halt
I was thrown out of the door with a jolt
I stood and watched as the car sped away
It was cold and dark and I had nowhere to stay.
It was by this road that I was eventually found
And I was taken away to the local dog pound
And here I lie as I take my last breath
I have one thing to ask as accept my death.
You can help save others from my fate
Spay or neuter your dog before it’s too late


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Goodbye 2011–Hello 2012


Hi Everyone,

A hearty welcome to 2012.

I hope that you have all had a restful and happy festive season.

For those of you who missed my update on my Facebook page, here’s the big news….


We had been talking about adopting a doggie for a while, and decided that December 2011 was the month to do it. We had to end off the year on a good note. Smile

My hubby had his heart set on a little daxie, so I hunted the networks and found that there were plenty daxies in Johannesburg and Pretoria. I enquired about one long dog only to find out that his owners claimed him. I filled in adoption forms and emailed them off to Barking Mad for Cape Town long dogs and never got a reply there.

I was feeling pretty despondent by the time Christmas arrived… We still hadn’t found a doggie to adopt that would suit our family and home surroundings.

You see – because of where we stay we would have to adopt a small doggie, one that would be happy being taken out for walks in the garden and accompany me on my walks while my children are at after school activities. We also needed to find one that would be OK with our kitties.

With my hubby on leave between Christmas and New Year it was the perfect time to go up to the SPCA and see if there was a baby for us to adopt there.

On the 28th, hubby, kids and I arrived at the Kloof SPCA.

We walked past the kitty runs and greeted some gorgeous faces there. There were plenty kittens… I really wish more people would spay and neuter. There are way too many little souls up for adoption and not enough homes for them to go to!

Then it was time to check out the doggie runs. All the dogs are so desperate for loving attention. The look in their eyes just says “please take me home”. I have to admit that I held back tears. I wish I could have taken them all.

After greeting the strays my kids shrieked with excitement at a find in run 60. Hubby got there before I did and said “I’ll bite” As I got closer there was this little face that popped up from behind the bars. The note on the run read “SURRENDERED UNWANTED”.


Who could not want such a beautiful little face?

I enquired about this 4 month old little boy. I had to write my name down on his form as a reserve. Someone else had put a reserve on him on the 14th December, and it had to be confirmed whether the people still wanted him. So we left there a little unsure of what would happen next.

I phoned the SPCA after lunch and there was still no news.

Late that afternoon we received a call to say that we could begin the adoption process for the little min pin in run 60.

035 Blu at the spca

Thursday morning we were up bright and early and went back to the SPCA to fill in forms for a home check. We also spent a little time with the little boy who would possibly be coming home with us.

Then it was back to waiting again.

I waited rather impatiently for the inspector to arrive.

My patience was running rather thin by Friday morning. We were cleaning house and packing away anything that a little miniature pincher could possibly decide on chewing. It was a direct reminder of a human pregnancy nesting phase… Smile

I know that this is a little off the subject but I believe in angels, this was another day that reminded me of their awesome presence.

I received a Facebook message from my friend Jenny asking how the adoption was going. I told her we were impatiently waiting for the inspector to arrive. She replied with “I’m sending you angels. Watch out for feathers falling in the scramble to get to you.”

Not even a minute later a feather fell from the ceiling and a minute after that we were talking to the inspector who approved our home check.

I got straight in the car and went to fetch our boy.

While he went into the vets to get micro chipped and inoculated I filled out adoption forms, microchip forms and a sterilization contract. At the time it really felt like a lot, but I was so excited to get into the car again and bring this timid little guy home. What an amazing feeling it was when we did!

The process of adoption is a small price to pay to receive a new addition to the family.

041 with mommy

045 doedoe

Well, as of tomorrow Blu has been home for two weeks. Mimmo is quite OK with him now, although when he first arrived home she made it very clear to him that all the shoes – yes, ALL the shoes belonged to her.

I will be uploading a picture of Blu to my Facebook page, do look out for it and let me know what you think the caption should be on the pic. It’s just for a little bit of fun. I will post the pic again with the winning caption, in a few days time.

I do hope that all of my followers and likers have a fantastic 2012. I hope that there will be much good news to report! Smile