Monday, 24 October 2011

Di Doodles Birthday Donation Drive

Di Doodles About Stuff Birthday Donations
to Animal Sanctuaries In Need.
Dear Di Doodles Supporters.
It was Di Doodles About Stuff’s Blog’s first birthday on Friday the 21stOctober.
To celebrate I am collecting donations from our suppawters to donate to some needy animal sanctuaries that are close to the heart of Di Doodles About Stuff…
The more donations we collect from 21 Oct to 21 Nov the better.
I will start with one Sanctuary and as the amount of donations grows I will add more… sanctuaries that is…
If you would like to donate email me on and and I’ll give you more details.
I would like to keep the sanctuaries a secret from the sanctuaries themselves and surprise them so please don’t spill the beans when I tell you who will benefit… ;)
If you would like to donate as a company I will put a little ad on FB for you so our supporters know that you support animal sanctuaries in need!
Thanks Everyone!
Our first donation went towards buying a Calendar Girls Calendar…
I think its cool that you can buy a calendar and be suppawting animal shelters. We chose to suppawt AARF when we bought the calendar. Smile
This calendar will go to one lucky Di Doodles Suppawter who donates towards the drive! So lets get donating people!!!
If you would like to suppawt SAINTs and buy a calendar these are the details… Remember to choose which sanctuary, whose ladies are in the calendar, you would like to donate to…

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