Monday, 05 March 2012

Blu Puupie Doo


blu monday

Hello again -

ARF, It’s me Blu.

I’m sneaking in to tell you what’s going on in this crazy house.

I’m still Bat Dog…. but now I’m a bit worried.

My human brother likes reading, you see…

When he comes home from school he shows mommy all the new books he got from the library.

I caught Mimmo reading one.

They are all about this BIG FAT CAT, just like Mimmo.

Remember I told you last time that she pushed me out of the way with her BIG FAT BUM?

Well, now I know where she gets those ideas from too.

I think – that she thinks – that she IS this cat.

I pawed a list to show you that she really does think that she is this Garfield Cat.





Loves food

Loves food

Likes to sleep all day

Likes to sleep all day

Likes to boot me out of the way

Likes to boot Odie out of the way

Likes to clobber me

Likes to clobber Odie

Chases me without much effort

Chases Odie without much effort

Likes to watch TV

Likes to watch TV

Likes lots of attention

Likes lots of attention

Likes her scratch post

Likes his scratch post

I like to spin around like a spinning teacup on my blankie, I like to run, I like to chew shoes, I like to wake Mimmo up, I like to sit on the couch and watch a spot of TV, I like to ride in the car (I’d love to ride shotgun but I sit in the back), I like to bark, just like Odie…………

Oh gawsh!

Am I Odie?

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  1. Oh, Blu! You are just too precious. I thought your sleuthing was excellent and had to agree, Mimmo does sound like Garfield's cloned sister, but now I'm afraid you've got me thinking and wondering, too. Could you be Odie's clone? What does that make your human Mom?

    I must say, it sounds as though you have a grand life! Please do visit us lots more. We love hearing from you :)