Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Feral Angel Update


Hi everyone!

Seeing as it is Kitty Wednesday I have decided to do an update on the Pavilion Feral Angels for you.

For those of you who don't know; Kitty Wednesday is an initiative started up by the admin ladies on the South African Animal Supporters Unite Facebook page. This initiative aims to help the “underdogs” of the welfare world – kitties.

So without further ado, here is a little update.

Many emails and BBM’s transfer between Lisa - who heads up our station at the Pav, Mandy from Kitten Action (the “founder” of the entire scheme and I.

So far we are working on getting a head count of the kitties at our particular station.

We are feeding two litters of kittens.
In the older litter we have two grey and white kittens; which my children called Puff Two and Three after our cat Puff who passed a few years back. They certainly look like family of his. Smile



There is also a little ging, Kitt Two; a black and white kitten, Stig Two; and two tabby and white kittens.
The younger litter used to have 6 kittens 2 black kittens and 4 tabbies. There are now 5…. I’ll get back to that story in a bit….
We have a tabby mommy and 3 tabby kittens that are a few months old.
Yesterday when i went to feed the angels I saw that we also have two calico cats, which I call The Callies.


So far one of the tabbies, who was trapped has been sterilised and released as well as one of the mommy cats. Mandy is planning a trapping evening soon to trap more of the kitties for their sterilisations.

During the school holiday, we got our first glimpse of the new litter of kittens. My heart sank seeing how little these babies were. They are just absolutely adorable. Like Mandy said to me on the phone the other day “when are cats NOT adorable?” ~
My answer: “ Big or small, young or old they are all ADORABLE!”


Gotta Red heart CATS!

Last Thursday, just before the Easter Weekend my children and I toddled off to the Pav a little earlier than usual. Dark clouds were brewing so our intention was getting dry food to the feral angels before any down pour occurred.

When we got there the tiny angels were out sunning themselves. when they saw us they moved to sit in between the trolleys.

My daughter who is an honest to goodness cat person went to sit near by while i was talking to the kitties. two of the tabbies were listening intently when Fairy stuck her hand under the trolley and yelled “I’ve got one!”


My son grabbed the towel we carry with us and within seconds this little girl was “saved” from living a life as a feral.


Her first day passed with much love and cuddles for reassurance. On Sunday she was already PLAYING!


Monday, a rather chilly day here in Durbs, we woke to a purring kitten.

She really has been such an easy baby to take care of. She only mews when she wants something, she plays with everything that she can possibly get her paws around and to top things off she is eating well and has already learned to use the litter box! Isn't that AWESOME?!


Its times like these that I am so happy that I chose to get involved with animal welfare.

I couldn't be more grateful that I Red heartanimals.


For those of you who haven't read my original feral post you can read it here

We are hoping to have another lady on the team from today…. but we still do need food donations. Ice cream tubs and the like are very handy to swop over for cleaning, so please consider collecting some for us. We use them as water bowls.

We are still looking for some wood offcuts to make boxes to house the kitties food better in the rainy weather.

Please email me on if you would like to help.

Lastly a HUMONGOUS thank you to Kiley, who donated some food and kitten bowls for our station! *STANDING OVATION*

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