Thursday, 21 October 2010

The beginning…
Well here's a little about me to start this baby off…

First things first I've never been an amazing writer so don't expect any beautifully worded articles.
If that does happen to occur its pure co-incidence… ;)

I'm not going to get all morbid now and tell you about my sad existence…lol
I'm a creative, sentimental, passionate, cRaZy - nut.
OK - so I have trust issues too - and a shit load of baggage - but that story will come along later...
I'm way too excited to get this thing off the ground than to sit mulling over all that right now.

So… what's the plot here…I plan to say what I want - how I want - and - why the hell not? ;)

I love music it adds ambience to my moods or changes a bad mood into a good one.

I also enjoy movies so be prepared to read just what I think about a movieI've seen.
Some movies irritate me to such an extent that it can turn into my own homage from the exorcist…
Mostly I tend to stay away from those movies that have imaginary, bright red, no entry signs flashing in front of their DVD boxes!

Back to my homage from the exorcist …Well I do tend to go overboard when it comes to animal abuse… (Actually abuse of any kind gets my blood boiling!)
Like I said the whys and the hows of that will come later.

I have always had an interest in art and creative hobbies.
My latest creative venture is photography.
Since going digital I've realised how much I enjoy photography. I hope to keep-it-up so you'll be able to see some of my photographic experiments here too.

I will get serious every now and again and tell you about the things that are important to me.

That is about it , well for this session any way. ;)

Have a beautiful day

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