Thursday, 04 August 2011

Angel Pie

I read a post this morning that said “If your dog doesn’t like someone then you shouldn’t either.”
This took me back to thinking of my darling angel pie child. To me she was and still is the most beautiful four legged creature ever created. I love her as much now as I did when she was alive. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. She was the epitome of perfection. I could go on all day about her.

I was 11 when she was born. My first glimpse of her was when she was still in her birthing sack and only half way into meeting the world. It feels like yesterday. Her mother Heidi was stolen, darted by a security company when she was only three weeks old.
I bottle fed her and protected her from the get go. I refused to allow her to be trained – My step father considered training to be a brutally cruel practice and I couldn’t allow that to happen. He thought that her spirit needed to be broken and that if she refused to walk on a lead that her paws should bleed until she did. So Racy was never trained. I would take her for walks on a lead – or should I say she walked me… I trained her with love. She listened to my every word and never went out into the street on her own. Even if the gate was open.
She had the most amazing character, she would talk to you and when you were busy – for example hanging washing – she would nip you on your butt to get attention – or plonk her but on your foot so you couldn’t move.
She would scamper after a tennis ball and then proceeded to chew the thing to bits.
When she ran – it sounded like a galloping horse.
She owned the kennel. Poor old Turbo had to “beg” her to let him into it. You see I found the kennel second hand; sanded it down and painted it. After that she decided that it was hers because her mommy made it for her.
When it rained she would boot me out of my own bed and I would end up sleeping on the “sleeper couch” Whatever was mine was hers.
She loved peppermints and egg shells and would steal them when she could. She had some disgusting habits too but I won’t mention those – although I do laugh when I think about them.
When I started dating – now this is where the quote comes in – she would sit in between me and any guy she didn’t like. Which was most of them – her decision to point out that these guys were wrong for me was completely right!
When I was sad she was always there – she knew my soul – she knew things about me that no one has ever known. She shared a love and bond with me that no human could ever fathom knowing.
My angel lived an entire 11 years. She had grey speckles showing a life lived well and to the full. I wish she could have lived longer… I miss her so very very much. Even though I can still feel her spirit around me I still wish that I could give her a cuddle; or get a big sloppy doggy tongue kiss.
Miss you my darling child.
Till we meet again
002 mimmoOn a lighter note…
Miss Mimmo is doing fine – she is a typical female – she loves shoes. She is so good I don’t think she has a bad bone in her body. She darts up and down the passage in the morning and attacks anything and everything – and a shoe that she drags out into the passage to “wear”.
We are all learning how to cope with her disability. She gets very angry if you approach her too fast or stroke her on her blind side. She loves putting her head in your hand. She also purrs now and has started to vocalise at food time. She’s a lovely little girl.
I must love and leave you all now…
I hope you all have a super long weekend…
I hope all ladies have an awesome Women’s Day.


  1. Shirley St Clair-Laing04 August 2011 at 10:05

    It's amazing to me how some people just have the caring & compassion "gene". I put that in inverted commas because I'm still not sure if it's genetic or psychological or quite what it is. Some say people are cruel to animals because of their upbringing, but I don't think that is always the case. Tho' I'm sure it's a mitigating factor. Lovely, lovely story about your Angel Pie. You are so fortunate to have had such a soul mate and an experience like you had. But then, you were open to it and had just the right puppy to fulfill it. Miss Mimmo is one lucky kitty too! Have a superb Women's Day too, Di. xx

  2. Hey there. I am just trying to see if this works now. I read your post, and I can remember her so clearly. She did follow you like a shadow. Lovely dogs. Janine

  3. It works, but at this point I am logged on as anonymous. I will carry on trying to work this out