Friday, 26 August 2011

Update day


It’s Friday and I haven’t updated in a long time…

I have been kept very busy and have been pulled in a million different directions!

This is the one line that has stuck with me this week. Once again I forgot to save who wrote it – so thank you – whoever you were.
“knock – knock, oh I’m here to put you down, ur cats over u… he says you cramping his style.”
This was in reference to the amount of people dumping their pets… there have been way too many cases lately where people don’t take their animals to shelters – the poor souls are left at empty houses, at shopping malls, or even deserted at kennels.

006 blomThis week Rhino Poaching has been in the news… I followed ABSA’s progress and FB posts and reposted them for those unwilling to join the Aquila Private Game Reserve Page. We have to be aware that things like this are happening even if it saddens us. It’s the only way to educate and know how we can make a difference.
RIP ABSA boy. Your tragic death has brought together more people who are willing to fight to save other Rhino’s and SA wild live that are in danger. Your suffering although horrific was therefore not in vain…



What has upset me most with humans – and I know I’ve mentioned it before – is how people tend to toss you aside when you do what you want to do with your life… it’s as if they have a plan for your life and they want you to live it accordingly.
I for one can no longer live like this… I have tried to keep everyone happy my entire life, I have been there when everyone else vanished (they were too busy…) I have tried to make everyone proud… - except me…

In the time that I have been putting my heart and soul into animals; long time friends and family that I have always looked up to - have either walked out of my life or made it blatantly clear that they do not support what I do. It’s tough though – this is my life – my existence – and I have to do what makes ME happy.

So don’t expect to see me bowing out of the lives of the precious, voiceless four legged friends; any time soon.

I will however repeat how much I despise how people act and turn a blind eye to cruelty and abuse. You see it’s easier for them to do it. Turn the other cheek and become as much of a coward as the one who abuses.

On the positive side I have to thank the amazing people I have met online who are willing to speak out. Those who I consider to be incredible angels put specially on earth to make a difference…

I have to thank the few friends who have told me they are proud of me… My mom is one of them… to hear this made me smile in an extremely difficult time.

One of my long time friends has made me incredibly happy and proud of her. Through facebook issues and glitches – as well as a difficult period in her life has gone above and beyond the call of duty… Last night I received the most amazing thank you from this angel. It seems that we have been a positive source of energy to each other. Well if you think about it – it’s the animals we have to thank for strengthening our bond. So thank you to all the gorgeous furries.

On to my crazy cats

005 MimmoMiss Mimmo has settled in beautifully. She is a little tornado in the house. Her “dragging” shoe fetish has grown to being shoe protector.
She has learned to open doors too and invited my boy cats into the shower – while I was using it…
She has become everyone’s cat in a way. She follows my daughter, plays with my son sleeps with dad and well; she thinks I’m dirty… She decided that my hair was not clean enough for her liking and gave me a special kitty bath.
She is still getting used to her disability and so are we. She now at least “kitty kisses” Kitt and Stig instead of swatting them when they are on her blind side. Her tail is an issue she hasn’t quite mastered yet. She turned into a cyclone last weekend (at bed time) when it waved past her blind eye – if I wasn’t so exhausted I would have laughed. Silly girl.008 boxie

Kitt has upgraded from his favourite sleeping places – boxes – and retires to the bedroom at night – on my feet. Although he still likes his boxes during the day… *laughs*

Stig still visits his girlfriend – another cat in our complex – pity that her owners aren’t likable. I say “her” here although “she” could very well be a “he”. We haven’t established that yet. If you know my boy cats – you will know how in love they are with each other… so Stig may in fact be cheating on his boyfriend Kitt…

That is all for now

I hope that you all have a great week end.



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