Tuesday, 06 September 2011

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It is vital that you read this story and sign the petition that has been created. There is an email version of this petition doing the rounds too – it has been created by the same lady and all the names signed on the email are being taken to the SAPS.

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Dear animal lovers,

Below is an article that was published in our local newspaper the DistrictMail yesterday about the brutal slaughter of Trish and Mike’s dog Tammy on Sunday afternoon 28 August 2011.

The article below doesn’t even begin to tell the horrible truth of how Tammy was killed.

The state vet has done an autopsy on her remains and one cannot comprehend such cruelty which has been revealed in this report.

To date the alleged perpetrator who is apparently a well respected businessman of Somerset West has not been arrested or charged by the South African Police Service.

By supporting and signing this petition we want this person named and shamed.

He is apparently the owner of two dogs himself and frankly if one is capable of murdering another person’s animal you are not in any position to have animals of your own.

By supporting and signing this petition we as a community can make this case stronger by showing SAPS that they have the community behind them, and by word of mouth more and more evidence will be collected against the person responsible for killing Tammy. We want SAPS to take action against this person and bring him to justice.

Please sign and circulate this petition to as many people as possible.

Should you have information about this case please contact warrant officer Valton Lategaan or Captain Seekoei on (021) 850-1344.


A SOMERSET West family are battling to come to terms with the death of their much loved Jack Russel, Tammy, that was found decapitated in their neighbour’s yard.

Tammy’s owner Mike Daneel said she was their baby girl and an important part of the family.

On Sunday afternoon Mike and his wife Trish Daneel went cycling at around 17:00.

While they were away their daughter Alexandra Daneel (19) was at their home in Helderzicht Street studying.Alexandra said she heard a gunshot and ran downstairs to investigate.

As she passed a passage window she saw smoke outside which she suspected was from the gunshot.

When she arrived outside she saw Tammy on the ground with her head stuck through their concrete fence. She called her but Tammy was already dead.

Alexandra burst into tears and became frantic.

Just then Mike and Trish arrived home.

They saw Alexandra in the driveway screaming and pointing to where Tammy was lying.

“I tried to remove her but she was wedged in too tight. As I looked over the wall I noticed that there was blood all around and her head had been taken off and was nowhere in sight,” said Mike.

He immediately went to the police station for help.

Two police officers came to scene to investigate and removed Tammy from the wall.

Mike explained that the dog was so tightly wedged in the wall that some concrete had to be broken away to get her out.“By the marks on the ground it was clear she really fought to get away,” said Mike.

Tammy was taken for an autopsy to determine the cause of her death.

Trish said that the family was informed by the state veterinary that there are clear knife lacerations around the dog’s neck. “We suspect her throat was slit and she was then shot in the head, but we are awaiting the full autopsy results.”Trish described the 15-year-old Jack Russel as one of a kind. “She was an amazing watch dog, always there, always the same, she was my daughter’s best friend and my husband’s rugby companion.”With tears in his eyes

Mike described her to be loyal and a very good judge of character. “She followed you around everywhere and was always happy to see you. The person that has inflicted such a despicable atrocity on a defenceless animal will be punished 10 times over. My prayers are with that person, he needs help.”

Police are investigating a case of malicious damage to property. More charges will be added once an arrest has been made, which is expected soon.

Anyone with information is requested to contact warrant officer Valton Lategan at 021 850 1344.

If you don’t mind going to www.mypetition.co.za and this is petition no 587, or alternatively follow this link http://www.mypetition.co.za/index.php?page=sign_petition&petition_id=587


  1. I saw this article in our newspaper this morning. It is shocking. I can hardly believe that someone would do this. This man deserves to be shot, then shoved through a fence and then had his throat slit as well. Give him the same treatment he is willing to dish out. Where is this Petition?

  2. You can either go to www.mypetition.co.za and this is petition no 587, or alternatively follow this link http://www.mypetition.co.za/index.php?page=sign_petition&petition_id=587

  3. Thank you for circulating this, Di. I will definitely sign the petition!