Friday, 29 July 2011


I have been very busy lately…
It seems that as soon as the school holidays finished I was bombarded with “BUSY”!
I decided that since I was so sick at the end of the last school term and because of way too many demanding people not giving me my moment to rest I would blog when something good or interesting happened. (I received 15 unimportant messages, and some really stupid jokes - which I refuse to share- within an hour>>> while playing mom’s taxi.)
After all I am a wife, mom and sister first - Networking pets and writing my blog about “these things” is what I want to do with my life… these are the things that complete me.
I certainly don’t want to let myself get that sick again… I am finally being good to ME. Saying NO and unfortunately upsetting some people because of it; but hey… that’s life…
On to the subject of today’s post…
Last week Monday we found a kitty…. You can read my first post about her here.
On Tuesday this week I got a call from Jenny at the vet where “Kitty” was. She explained that this little girl was still not claimed and really desperate to get out of the kennels. “Kitty” is permanently blind in one eye and as a disabled pet I doubt she will have much luck out there.
Disabled pets are just as wonderful as fully able pets, but I find that most people don’t understand this.
After my chat with Jenny; “Kitty” was inoculated and prepared for her Wednesday sterilisation.
I didn’t mention much at home – my children would have probably driven me insane with nagging…
Yesterday at 9am I arrived at the vets to fetch “Kitty”.
027 mimmo
Once my children were home we started to think about names. I got some lovely suggestions from my facebook page; Genevieve, bubbles, Jessie and Pirate to name a few. Matilda was one that we really liked.
We thought that if she gave us an indication that she liked the name we’d go with it. We tested out each name and kitty didn’t respond… I liked the idea of an “M” name because she has a white M on her back.
Eventually my husband came up with Mimmo – and Mimmo rubbed herself against his legs. AND that’s how she was named!
029 mimmoMimmo is very sweet and affectionate; she loves to play and has been putting the boys in their place. She has the most perfect pink nose and dainty paws. She is obviously getting used to all of us and is still tender on her tum from the sterilisation op; but I’m sure she will be fine.
My spoiled fat boy house cats haven’t seen a plate licked clean in a while but she made sure all three were spotless. She is quite a character and this revelation only after her first night here… She certainly loves her food…
030 letterTo end off – my kids write letters to God and leave them folded up for Him to read.
This morning’s letter from my son reads;

Dear God, Please let my day be special in every way. Please help my new cat get better soon.
Little miracles make my day.


  1. Welcome home, Mimmo! You're such a gorgeous girl and you're going to be loved no end in that house! I love your name - and it seems you do too! Your son's letter made me smile and cry at the same time. Hugs to all of you xx

  2. So pleased to hear that Mimmo has settled in and is being looked after and given love. Heartwarming to know the full story. You and your family are truly blessed.

  3. What a lovely post, Di! Little Mimmo is a lucky girl to have been chosen to live with you and I wish her a long and happy life in the safe and loving home you have provided for her.

    Your little boy sounds like a little angel!