Monday, 18 July 2011

Beware Of Evil Puppy Mills…


So KZN kids are back at school today…

My house is so quiet…

Ok so it’s back to the grind stone.

I have said before that I will educate you as to why you shouldn’t buy furry friends from breeders.

Here is a story I received via email which explains why puppy mills need to be stopped. The only way for us to stop them breeding is to STOP buying from them…

Healthy shelter pets are waiting for homes and a lot of them end up dying because people support breeders, puppy mills and pet shops. There is a high chance that these bought pets are abused and we need to STOP this abuse.

This is for your puppy mill education…

First warning sign is if they do not permit you to enter their kennels.

“We have had a bad experience with the kennel.

We bought a young pup (R1800) from them, when we arrived their premises we weren’t shown the kennels.

The owner came out with the two pups we could choose from.

Firstly they looked very young; he then said they are small because they are of a litter of 8.

The pups were born according to him on the 15th of May.

We took one of the pups; he also advised us that he had dewormed her before we came.

She was not acting like a normal pup; all she wanted to do is sleep.

The owner said that she was fine eating on her own; we struggled to get her to eat at all.

We took her to the vet the Monday, and the vet was not very happy with the state of the pup, said she was too young to be given away and that it looked like she was blind and advised that we put her she was suffering.

We said that we wanted to try and safe her and did not want to put her down; we got some puppy formula and tried again.

The puppy died that night.

So in the space of two days from getting her from the breeder, where he claimed she was a healthy, eating pup, she died??

I let him know what the situation was; he sent me an email claiming that she is healthy and was not too young and then all of a sudden claimed she was from a litter of 6, not 8 as initially stated, and they were all healthy pups?

I then let him know that she died, and I have heard nothing back. I don’t think they are running a very ethical business and helpless animals are paying the price of this.”

This is something that is repeated again and again…

Please NEVER buy…. by NOT buying we are putting a break in the cycle of abuse. Rather save a life at a shelter…

Here are pics of a pup rescued from another puppy mill – this poor baby is so malnourished that you can see the bones in his tail!!


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  1. Heartbreaking! It makes my blood boil! I was unable to read your last post, Di. I just COULD NOT BRING myself to open it! Cowardly, I know, but I just could not bear to delve deeper than the bit I saw on Google reader.

    I hope you settle back to naormality with relative ease. I remember well how sad I always felt when my children returned to school after their holidays. I loved having them home and never wished to shunt them back to school!

    Great to have YOU back, though! Enjoy Nelson Mandela Day!

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo