Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Heart-Warming… :)


This week has been a week of heart-warming stories….

IMG00284-20110718-1533On Monday my children and I rescued a kitty, while out playing mom’s taxi.

We saw her on the pavement; at first I thought that she could have been one of the ferals in the area. I have been on the lookout for the ferals as their plates haven’t been put out in a while.

I stopped the car in a parking spot near where kitty was sitting and decided to watch where she ran to. My son got out of the car to collect our fairy that was at a dance lesson.

Kitty decided to walk towards my son. He was happily shocked. He called her and she hopped into the car.

Once the fairy got back to the car we took the little one to the vet. This vet is particularly good as they keep strays for two weeks and log their info into a lost and found book.

I am pretty sure that this little one has owners. She was not skinny she just looked a little perturbed. She had a cut on her eye – which the vet will see to. Hopefully her owners are out looking for her…

Here’s a heart warming thought for those who have a missing kitty.

IggyWhile I was perusing through the facebook news feed on Monday night I saw that a kitty came home after being missing for 7 months!






Yet another heart warmer I received this morning…

19cA quick update on the elderly neutered male Bulldog which was found on the Old Cape Road in Greenbushes on the 8th July. No one has come forward to claim him since he was found. He has been checked by a vet and things didn't look too rosy for him due to his age and existing medical condition.

But it has been very heart-warming to know that despite his situation, many people would still like to adopt him. I have had numerous offers telephonically and via email. I am so happy to say that he has been booked and will be going off to his new home on Thursday. But before then his new owners will be taking him to an eye specialist to get advice on the condition of his eyes. His new owners have been looking for a companion for their 13yr old deaf and blind female Bulldog. Her male Bulldog friend recently died and she misses him terribly!

In the meantime, he is quite at home, having made himself comfortable in our small courtyard where he just loves to sun himself. He refused to budge today when we tried to remove his blankets for a wash and just continued to sun himself! He is also much more sure of himself, running around the courtyard, investigating all sorts of interesting smells AND even barking!

With all the bad, sad and stories that make you want to take revenge – you need a week where you hear good things.

I hope you all have a super Wednesday!




  1. Thank you for these uplifting stories, Di!!! I'm SO happy the bulldog is going to spend the rest of his days with a family who will love him and take special care of his needs! And I hope the kitten you rescued will be reunited with her owners :)

  2. There is nothing better than hearing good news! Coincidence that the kitten found you !! Keep up the good work