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Are You FOR the Animals?


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There is a lot I’d like to share with you this week, so there have been many posts.

I am going to get straight to it then.

Over the past week or so Irwins Animal Rescue Centre has been in the news. i don’t particularly want to get into the arguments going on between those in welfare as i believe that what people feel and think is irrelevant, unless what they are saying is shed in a positive light for the animals concerned.

That being said i would like to get you informed on the task at hand.

I received this email last night from someone who had been to the centre herself.

Please read it with an open heart with the animals in mind, and then I will tell you a little bit more about how you can help.

Dear All,
There has been a lot of publicity lately regarding the Irwins Animal Rescue Centre.  I was there yesterday, after receiving an email advising that the centre was opening their gates to the public as part of a rehoming campaign undertaken by a group of volunteers.

irwins1 irwins6

As I understand the situation, they have a deadline pending the outcome of a court case against the owner, to drastically reduce the number of animals at the shelter by 10 March 2012.  Should the case be finalised, the relevant authorities will decide on the fate of the remaining animals which is unlikely to be positive.


The volunteers that I met are a wonderful group of dedicated people, with the animals' best interests at heart.  I know there has been much negativity, but I would like to appeal to all animal lovers not to criticise what may have happened in the past - whatever has taken place, no matter whether we agree or disagree - it is the PAST.  We need to focus now on trying to get as many animals rehomed as possible by the deadline.
It is not all doom and gloom when you visit the centre - I would say comfortably that around 95% of all the dogs were interested in the people who came to see them and freely came up to the cages to be petted and enjoy the attention.


Although the enclosures are not fancy, they were neat and clean with shade cloth and kennels in each of them providing good shelter.  There was food in the bowls (I was there at feeding time), and as can be seen from the pictures, the water bowls were clean and full.  None of the dogs were thin, in fact some were a bit chubby!  There is such a variety of dogs available that there would be a dog to suit anyone's needs and lifestyle.


Please open your heart and send this appeal to anyone whom you know will not mind receiving this email.  Strict adoption procedures will be followed with home checks being carried out by people with relevant experience.  All animals leaving the shelter will be sterilised, vaccinated, dewormed and treated for ticks and fleas.  An adoption fee will also apply to cover these costs.  If you or someone you trust, can offer a loving, forever home to these very special dogs, please contact Allison on 083 269 9102 for further information. 


They will be hosting adoption days every Sunday from 10h00 to around 16h00 - come and visit the animals, and offer your support.  They are also in need of additional shadecloth, and labour to clear some stony areas.  Any other donations whether food, cash, collars, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Helen Taylor

As you can see in Helen’s letter, there is an open day every Sunday at the rescue centre.

Besides that there is a Facebook page set up called “Irwins Angels”. The main function of this page is to show case the adoptable animals at the centre. Adoption forms will be available at the centre on Sunday open days. The amazing Emma O Brien has been round to the centre and has taken some photos of the doggies which are now posted on the page.
A group of volunteers have organised some shampoo and sponges to be collected and they will be bathing and dipping the doggies on Sunday. This will all be happening on Sunday 26 February from 10h00-16h00.

NOTE: The Address for Irwins is Plot 25,... 7th road, Walkers Fruit Farms, Walkerville. There aren't any signs except for a rock with IRWINS painted on it in white. Turn left into South and then take the second dirt road on your right - which is 7th road. Irwins is right at the top of the road, on the left! 

There is also a food drive on the go, organised by Linsey. This drive has been organised to keep the flow of food for the doggies coming in.
it is unfortunate but sponsors usually pull out when negative publicity surrounds a centre and the ones who end up suffering are the animals.
If you would like to contribute to helping the Irwins animals this is how you can do it:

You can either donate to linsey’s food drive:

please put the ref as IRWINS
L Rautenbach, FNB, ACC NO: 62066091556 BRANCH: SELCOURT

or you can take some food and treats, toys, collars, hoofs etc through to the centre on Sunday.

If you have any bright ideas on how to help this Rescue centre or help one in your area, comment here.
(the simplest way of commenting is by clicking anonymous but you can use one of the various profiles suggested)

I would love to hear from you.

Have a super day further.



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