Thursday, 09 February 2012

Meet Dusty, the Cat Burglar ...

Hi all,
I know I haven’t been around much lately.
i decided that this is the year that I am going to be taking care of “me” too.
I was ill way too much last year, so this is the year to be healthy, happy and to just enjoy life, minus people who are hell bent on making life miserable.
On to today’s post… Smile
I have heard so much about this kitty so when I received the email from Second Chance Sanctuary’s, Cherece today I couldn’t help but sharing it with you.
I hope that you enjoy it and have a lovely day, its almost weekend!
P.S. Thanks Cherece Smile


Meet Dusty, the Cat Burglar ...

He's been caught stealing hundreds of items from homes, so you'd have thought police would have locked up this prolific burglar by now. But the strange thing about Dusty is not that he's only aged five years old, but that he's a cat.
Neighbours were mystified for years as their possessions went missing and had feared they were being targeted by a real criminal.
The prolific cat burglar Dusty, from San Mateo, California, has stolen gloves, towels, shoes and many other items from households since owner Jean Chu adopted him from the Humane Society. Dusty has a special love for swimsuits - and neighbour Kelly McLellan says he stole her bikini on two separate trips. She said he appeared focused on keeping the ensemble...
Stolen stash: Dusty the cat sits among the toys and other items he has stolen from neighbours
Sitting pretty: Dusty hangs out in one of his favourite places at home - the upstairs bathroom sink
Minor celebrity: Dusty's owners, Jean Chu and Jim Coleman, are pictured with their cat on the Letterman show. The cat's thieving has made him a minor celebrity.
'It's extreme, but it's absolutely adorable,' cat behaviour expert Marilyn Krieger said.
Huge haul: Dusty has stolen piles of more than 600 items - and even pulled an incredible bounty of 11 household items from nearby homes in a single evening.
Collection: Jim Coleman and his wife Jean Chu, stack piles of items that their cat has brought home over the years to their house.
Ms Chu told the San Francisco Chronicle Dusty has a 'form of OCD' and neurological problems. Cat experts say Dusty's predatory instincts have gone astray, leaving him hunting for people's stuff.
Ms Chu's husband, Jim Coleman, said Dusty something brings home 'expensive' things. 'I get a little worried about that,' he added.
Dusty is also known to steal stuffed toys from local residents.
His crime sprees emerged when The Animal Planet television show 'Must Love Cats' installed a camera outside the house and captured his nightly forays for a week.
Neighbours keep a watch for the cat but his victims do not intend to file police reports. They say that when something goes missing they simply visit Dusty's owners.


  1. What a lovely story! It has given me a good smile this sunny morning in Cape Town, thank you, Di :)

    I like your new year's resolution for 2012. Hope you're sticking to it ;)

  2. Thank-you Des.
    Glad you enjoyed this story. :)

    I have been taking care of me this year far better than last. It has been a learning curve.

    It has made me realise that I can get involved in new projects, ones that I've always wanted to be involved in, if I manage things properly.
    And my new project can involve my kids too which is a bonus.

    Once more is happening and I have more info I will fill you all in here. Exciting.