Monday, 20 February 2012

I am bat dog - Ta Dah!



Hi everyone

I would like to introduce myself; although I have already heard from mommy that she introduced me to you as a new member of the family.

My name is Blu.

I am a very well behaved Miniature Pinscher, and I love my family.

My mommy believes that I am going through a naughty streak because I like to chew things. She bought me puppy chew treats and lots of toys; raw hide; and hooves too. I still think my siblings and daddy’s shoes are far tastier. I can’t get near mommy’s shoes. This FAT cat that my family call Mimmo protects those with her life.

Mimmo pushed me out the way the other day with her BIG FAT BUM so that she could get more treats than ME!

I was feeling very sorry for myself. I needed MORE treats than her! … I’ll tell you about that later.


Besides waiting for treats; I LOVE food time.
My mommy and siblings are teaching me to sit before I am allowed to eat my food. I get so excited I dance around like my sister Fairy. … …
There can’t just be one dancer in the house…

When mommy or my brother put my plate down, I grab a biscuit and I run on my race track. I like to copy my brother’s cars from his race track.
My family all laugh and say that I get “mad dog disease”.
I am getting really good at running, like my brother who also runs. I run sooooo fast that I skid on tiles; and around corners. It’s so much FUN!

I get so excited when my family come back from shopping that I dig in all three of my water bowls and leave a BIG mess on the tiles. My mommy says the water is like a pool on the floor but I think its fun; it makes a skid pan on the tiles!

The other day I sensed that something was up. I didn’t quite know what.
Mommy took my brother and sister to school and when she came home she put my leash on.
We never go out so early. I like to lay in the sun with Mimmo and Kitt before we go out.

Aunty Fiona hooted at the gate and I went outside with Mommy. I had never been in Aunty Fiona’s car before and I was scared, so I sat on Mommy’s lap and shivered. It wasn’t long before I realised that we were on the same road to the place where mommy first found me.

Mommy filled in forms and then left me there!

I was so happy to see Mommy and my brother and sister come and fetch me again but I felt woozy and I slept a lot.

When I woke up the next morning and I didn’t feel woozy; I bent my head down to my favourite licking spot and realised something was MISSING!

I ran like mad to Mommy and shouted “take me back; take me back, something is missing that I want back!”

Don’t tell Mommy – I think she has been around cats way too long - she doesn’t understand BARK properly yet,… … …

because I’m still missing my favourite parts!


  1. Blu is adorable! And tells a WONDERFUL story! I do hope, Blu, that you're going to share your life with us regularly!!!

    1. Thank you Des,
      I hope that Blu shares more often with us too. xx