Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Thought…


Photo-0035I have had some really awesome messages in my inbox. Your messages keep me going. I love to hear your ideas and actually get to implement some of them.

Thanks also to those of you who messaged me on Facebook and told me about the latest addition to your family. I love to hear your stories.
If you would like to post a little something here to tell everyone about your awesome decision send a photo or two and a little story and I will let you know when your story will be posted. Maybe your story could inspire someone to save another furry child.
Send your requests to

Next on the list is a little or BIG request – it depends on how you see it.
Its only the beginning of winter and many Shelters, welfares and Charities like CROW, PETS, and various SPCA’s around the country are already requesting donations of pet food because their stocks are low. So here’s my favour – I would like to appeal to each and every one of you to do something to help them.
There are many ways in which you can do this.

  • · You can tweet the SA radio DJ’s or celebs you follow and ask them to simply RT your message or go even bigger and ask their followers to donate.
  • · You could update your Facebook Status and ask your friends to donate as little as a tin of pet food to their nearest animal shelter.
  • · If you work in an office with a large amount of staff why not ask each of your colleagues to bring one tin to work and donate all the tins you collected. (If you are a teacher or principal at a school this concept could work for you too. Why not ask each child to bring one tin to school) We all could learn a little more about giving to the voiceless.

Photo-0042It’s simple if you think about it – typing a request never killed anyone…

If you have some simple ideas to help these shelters, charities and welfares in need; type it in the comment box.
Let us all try to make a difference…

I hope that all of you have a pawsome weekend. Keep yourselves and your pets warm…

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  1. This is a marvellously positive post, Di and you have offered some wonderful and simple suggestions that, all added together, will make a HUGE difference to all those animals living in shelters this winter!

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo