Monday, 16 May 2011



I didn’t intend on ranting, but it seems that this post has found me having another one… I doubt I will ever understand humans… Some of them are just the devil  incarnate… It has been a difficult week once again… on Tuesday I mourned as it was the 7th anniversary of my grans death. On Thursday I heard that a friend of mine with cancer does not have long to go… and this morning another blow.

This inspires me more than ever to clean out the trash from my life and allow myself to be there for the animals and those who are important to me.

anyway… here’s an opportunity to understand me a little better…

002 shnoekieFriday seems to have turned into the post day where you learn a little more about me.

Since I was little I have always loved animals and have always wanted to be around them.
My first pet memory was of Shnoekie a little Daxie. I thought I was Heidi, so I named him after her little goat. Maybe it’s a Heidi “ghost” that has been following me around my whole life poking me in the ribs so I walk in the direction of animals.

My mom has photographs of me feeding my bottle to a dog… I think I was two at the time. I remember the moment pretty clearly…
Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this - because you’ll now all know how crazy I really am… When I was about four my grandparents decided to get Tiger, who belonged to a friend of theirs who was moving into an old aged home. I would hide behind the kitchen door and eat Tigers dog food. I thought the stuff smelled really good. So pets shared my food and I have shared theirs.
I tend to form a bond with all the animals I meet.
My best memories are those spent with animals. Heidi who was stolen, Racy her baby who became my first child, Turbo, Rocky – the crazy nut, Rusty, Two Socks, Mischief, Puff, Pietie-boy, Ricky, Tweetie, and last but not Least Harry the Hamster. The greatest highs and lows came from knowing these beautiful souls.

003 shnoekieSeeing that I am thinking of this, let’s see if you recognise a few of these amazing beings that made an impact on my life… Zukki, Rufus, Tammy, Biscuit, Jessie, Candy, Ginger, Christopher, Mishka, Ballentine, Pretty-Boy, and Chippy. Strangely enough there are even more pets I remember but I have no recollection of the humans that owned them… I think that is because humans tend to disappoint me more than anything.

Animals have always been my passion; I finally feel that by creating awareness, and sharing the plight of shelter pets that I am beginning to do what I was always meant to do. So last week when I was told by a now ex friend that I was using her as a step up to increase my exposure to my passion it offended me deeply. I feel that if humans call me a friend they should take me as I am, and support me.

I wonder, if a person who called you a friend didn’t support you when something meant the world to you, would you be offended?

Quite seriously if you are a pet owner you need to be educated. If you say you love animals why have you not made an effort to help them and educate others? If you can inform one person and they pass the information on to another person, you would be creating a positive ripple effect. You would be directly helping a creature to a better life. To me that is what is important.

001 tigerYou have to reach your true potential.

If it offends you so much and breaks your heart why can’t you tell people that these atrocities are happening? Can you not look at the people you know and say I think you would be a good mommy to this creature? Believe me I cry when I see these pets in shelters too. I cry when I hear their stories, I am not immune to pain. I look at the dishevelled and dirty little guy looking at me through the picture, I send him love, light and healing and I share his information, praying that he can find his soul mate in a human who cares, and will give him the life he deserves.

Maybe animals are not your passion in life, but why not expose your passion to the world? Why not create awareness to it? If it is important to you and it helps in bettering mankind it has to be a good thing.

We need to put positive “vibes” out into the universe – there is way too much negativity, illness and crime out there. We can’t keep living with unhealthy habits, and “trying-to-keep-up-with-the-Joneses” tendencies, when we know that there is something more important to live for.

004 racyI for one will continue working on what is important to me. I will use what I have been taught, and move forward. For every human who has tried to bring me down there have been 5 who have picked me up. Every time I am deliberately hurt by someone – I grow stronger, and it is through my strengths that I am able to take on anything that is thrown my way.

Thank you to those of you who have shown support; in your own way; as little as it has seemed it has meant the world to me, and once again the little things don’t go unnoticed to me.

As a parting thought… Remember that what you put out into the universe comes back to you…

Please consider supporting one of the animal charities that I have on my Facebook page. If you would like to add me as a friend leave a request on my Di Doodles About Stuff Page and I will add you to my Public Profile.

I hope you have a lovely week,

Hug your pets – remember their love is unconditional




  1. What a sweet little girl you were, Di. Lovely memories you have shared here and super pics! My sister in law used to eat dog biscuits as a child and she grew up to be one of NASA's top physicists, so there was clearly nothing wrong with a diet of dog biscuits ;) Sorry to hear the sad news about your dear friend who is losing the battle with cancer. That is so hard! In regard to the ex friend who took offense at you, best to let it go! Do not hold on to hurt feelings or become resentful as that only upsets your your own equilibrium and disturbs your own inner peace. As you say, put your focus on the things that really matter to you! I think you are doing a marvellous job. It truly is a labour of love and your passion and sincerity are very real and tangible, Di!

  2. Thank you once again Des.
    I am glad to hear that my choice of childhood diet wasn't that bad after all.

    I funnily enough just said to someone that I think a lot of people are showing their true colours to me now so that I can clear these issues from my life now and move on.

  3. I am so glad that you are doing what you are passionate about. I remember all the puppies that you carried around in a cake tin ! When you were ill Tiger always stayed at your bedside. He knew that you needed him to be nearby. Keep of the good work. Sorry to hear about the sad news.

  4. I can't remember the puppies in the cake tin!? Weird child I was.
    I can clearly remember feeding Aunty Van's Labradors though.
    I also had a connection uncle Nathans dog Wollie I think. I was more excited to see the wors hondtjies more than anything.
    Gramps used to say " come say hello to the people now..."

  5. Well, as said to you, this brings back memories. Kittens we had to feed from an early age. Jessie running around destroying as many newspapers as she could. Eating every lemon tree we planted, roots and all. The barking and running around. But boy did we love her. She was part of our family. I found her shortly after she was born, and looked after her and fed her. She was our child. She was our fmaily.
    I only wish that people would do that for their animals as well.

    I resued a miniture doberman pincher from the SPCA in Alberton almost 15 years ago. He was about to be put down when I saw him. Needless to say, I adopted him there and then. He was to be part of our lives for many years to come. He was attached to me like no other animal before. If I went somewhere, he went with me. He slept right next to me in the bed all his life. He lived with us as part of our family for 15 years and sadly passed when he finally reached a ripe old age of 17. If it was not for the cancer he had, then he would probably still be running around like a wild thing. Chasing my poor cat and sleeping next to me. All our dogs have been rescued, and have been the best choice ever. They value that more than anything in the world. The things they ahve to go through every day whilst in a cage is not a good thing for them at all. It makes me sad to se that.

    I also pray that people will open their homes and hearts to all these animals. Accept a new family member into your lives. he will protect you through all trying times. He will love you more than anyone in the world. You saved him, now let him save you.

  6. Thanks so much for your comment J.
    I remember taking turns with the tiny kittens. They were so precious.
    We had such amazing moments with our pets. They are such a blessing.