Friday, 06 May 2011

Di’s Blog World Update


007 Couch PotatoesIn Di’s world this has been mostly a “crappy people week again”. However I have learned a lot blog wise thanks to another blog that I follow. I thought that I would let you all in on this gem.
This guy writes two blogs, and he has been my inspiration to make my passion a reality. I have to give the credit to my friend Michelle for introducing me to this blog. Mich is the kind of person who sends you a card all the way from OZ to SA to make sure that you know you are special. When I’m feeling low I pull my card out and remember that there are people in the world who consider me important and unique, so thanks Mich for being an inspiration to me.

Ok, back to the point - so the original blog is called Single Dad laughing. He is an awesome writer. His posts create an awesome buzz and some interesting discussions too.
Recently he created the blog called Will Work 4 Followers where he has posted some awesome tools for bloggers to help them gain the following needed to get their blogs “out there”. I recommend that all bloggers read his posts not only for the help but also because they are just brilliant.

So there are new “bits” to my blog that I have introduced. I know I mentioned this in a previous post but I’m going to do it again for those of you who don’t know.

In the right hand column there is now a gadget that allows you to follow me by subscribing to my posts.

I have also fixed the issue with posting comments so hopefully all of you can now have your say.


  • · If you haven’t yet shared Romeo’s wish or bought your raffle ticket please remember that the raffle closes on Wednesday. Check out my post on Romeo’s Wish in which I have “blogged” Romeo’s story as told by his granny, as well as a post by Romeo’s mommy which includes the prizes donated for this worthy cause. This is a link to the raffle itself so you have no excuses now – get buying and sharing!
  • · In yesterdays post I asked you to support The Cluny Animal Trust. Please can you share this as well? They are in desperate need of help. Remember that the smallest of donations helps too. This is another worthy cause.
  • · Please also take a look at my links page. These are animal shelters / charities / welfares / pet directories that you could also support. Please like their Facebook pages and show support where you can. You can even show support by sharing the orphans that are up for adoption. SHARING saves lives! (It does! One of your friends may see a baby and fall in love with its photo and eventually adopt – so then you would have had a hand in saving a life) Remember ALWAYS ADOPT – NEVER BUY OR BREED. If you would like your link there please mail me on
  • · If you are on Facebook would you like my page too? I also post pets on my page that are in need of good loving homes. I also post competitions from the various animal shelters / charities / welfares / pet directories that I have found so far.
  • · You can also follow me on Twitter. Twits are awesome and I would love to be a part of the RTing animal friendly community. I am @DinkiK on twitter.
  • · If you would like to have your day on my blog just like the Cluny Animal Trust and Romeo’s Wish, please email me on I would love to hear and post your story.

The future of my blog is looking really bright. After my mom saw my blog for the first time yesterday she has given me a couple of new ideas that we will be working on together. I really can’t wait to introduce some of our ideas to you.

005 macro messingI have to thank my regular readers and followers for your awesome support and comments. I love hearing from you, and it’s really nice to know that I’m not the only one out there who thinks in a particular way. I am blessed to have found such unique and special people through this media.

I have to end on a cute and positive note so please take a look at this link to another blog. My mom sent this to me last night and it made me smile. Thanks mom. Xx

I hope that all my mommy followers have a super day on Sunday. (Remember – you don’t have to have kids to be a mommy… if you have pets you’re a mommy too so remember to spoil yourself!)

Happy mommy’s day mommies! BIG hugs to all of you for the special day!


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  1. I really enjoyed your blog. If ever there wa an Angel for the animals then its you. Keep up the good work.