Monday, 23 May 2011



This is a story with a really great ending that needs to be shared. The story is from Hayley who played such an amazing role in bringing Lucky back to life…

“This is Lucky, a border collie from Cape Town.



He had been kicked in the head, he had wire tied around his neck, and was swung around by it!

Lucky was used as a soccer ball; he was dragged across gravel, etc. by human filth in Kaylisha.

He was rescued by a couple and their child and was taken to a vet who was going to put him down due to the extent of his injuries BUT lucky wagged his tail.

PETS took him in and he was put into a foster home.

We then adopted him and his friend Sammy but Lucky was so desperately ill and riddled with mange that our dogs attacked him. We put him into permanent vet care with the help of Maxi.

After a few months and his full recovery from a physical perspective it was clear that our dogs would not accept him. It was decided that he would go to Border Collie Rescue who found him a perfect home.

This is Lucky today!



He is a miracle and it makes my heart burst. We all need a good news story sometimes, and this is indeed one of the most miraculous and beautiful. I thought that you would all enjoy seeing how far this once destroyed dog has come.

We miss him every single day but were honoured to have had Lucky in our lives and are so grateful to everyone who played a role in helping this dog have the life he so richly deserves.”


Now after seeing the difference in this beautiful creature, don't you think that it would be awesome if you could be a small part of such an awesome transformation.

This is why I have decided to do what I do…

If you are offended I honestly don't know why. This is a miracle pure and simple… and that is nothing to be ashamed or offended by!

last but not least…Thanks to all my followers, subscribers and friends who read my posts. I am honoured to have you around…

Dog facexx Di


  1. I have tears in my eyes, both from the initial shock and horror of what poor Lucky was put through and now, from joy at how miraculously he has recovered and how truly happy he looks in his new forever home! All of those who participated in his recovery and who felt it worthwhile to get through the really hard stuff deserve huge accolades for their loving, selfless perseverance! They are true heroes and to the family who have now adopted Lucky, well done! It is so important that these stories are shared Di! I think you are doing an amazing service. Thank you!

  2. I cannot believe how lucky Lucky was to have found someone who cared so much about him. Its heart warming to see how beautiful an animal he is. What a traumatic time he had. Kudos to the caring people like yourself who devote time and energy to make a difference.