Monday, 18 April 2011

A Tribute To Romeo

I was very sad on Friday when I heard that my Twitter friends puppy was killed.


Today I continue the tribute to him. This is a blog post by his Human Granny. She explains in her blog exactly how wonderful this little guy was and his last happy moments with her.
A Tribute to Romeo by his Human Granny
Romeo’s death now has a new meaning due to Linda’s new initiative called Romeo’s wish.
Romeo's Wish
Please consider donating to this wonderful cause.


R.I.P. Romeo your life has not gone by un-noticed. Because of you many lives will be saved, and Hearts have and will be touched.
The pictures I have used are of Romeo from his Mommy and Granny’s blogs. You will see them there too.


  1. Dear Di

    We adopted a second rescue pup from the same shelter yesterday, in Romeo's memory. We have named him Milo. He has not known life outside of the shelter and was anxious and nervous when we brought him home, but a nice bath, plenty of cuddles, a couple of good meals, plus sleeping in my husband's arms all night and this morning he's already looking as though he could get used to this ;)

    Coco is doing SO WELL...she is very contented and has settled down exceedingly smoothly.

    I put up a new post this morning :)


    Des xo

  2. That is awesome!
    I hope that you all are very happy together!

  3. Di, thank you for this beautiful post - it means so much to both me and my family! The world needs MANY more people like you.

    With love (and licks),
    Linda and Coco xxx