Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Baking Blunder

clip_image002I’m a blonde brunette on most days, sometimes to my own advantage sometimes not.
I’m from a family who love to bake, this stemmed directly from my Gran who would always have something yummy to treat her guests or grandchildren. She had collections of recipes and was always trying something new.
My other teacher was my aunt. We still discuss food, recipes, healthy options and snacks.
Then there’s my mom. Besides making delicious cakes she has a knack for fail proof icing she has never had a cake stick in a pan either.
This is a lot to live up to, especially when you love to bake yourself.
Crunchies were my speciality as a teenager. On some days I ended up having two trays in the oven. One tray would never last longer than an hour; the crumbs would even be devoured.
I would also make swiss rolls, muffins, scones and cakes. As a teenager my mom would get me to practice my Home Economics cooking and baking recipes before I would have to make them in class.
On one occasion my Gran bought packets of baking ingredients that were cheaper than her usual grocery store. The problem was that none of these packets had labels. She lost her patience having to open and test packets of castor sugar, salt, and other similar coloured ingredients before using them. So I ended up with these label-less packets to use in my experiments.
When I arrived home I set out on baking a chocolate cake.
clip_image004It was silly of me but I never marked the packets after figuring out what they were.
I continued with my fail-proof recipe and was amazed at the beauty and perfection of the final product.
Excited to get a taste test from my over eager family; I sliced my creation and began to distribute the chocolate triangles.
Before I could return to complete my distributions to the entire family I heard some unexpected sounds of revolt from the lounge.
Horror of horrors… No-one would eat my cake. My brother had attempted to feed his slice to my Doberman waiting patiently for a snack. She wouldn’t even eat it! They then handed me the bad news. Instead of adding a cup of castor sugar to the ingredients I added a cup of salt!
I am still embarrassingly reminded of my blunder, although have never made the same mistake a second time!

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