Wednesday, 06 April 2011

My Simba Chip Factory Complex.

After reading a post on another blog this week it got me thinking… It was kind of a project to write down exactly what was going through your mind at a given time.

It’s crazy! Do you realise how many thoughts go through my mind at any given moment.
Hell, I can swop from worrying about my kids’ performance at school to what I’m going to be making for dinner. Men would pipe up now “that's a woman for you”.

When I reposted the blog to my pages I typed something about how I was no writer but writing has been healing for me. This got me thinking on a deeper level. Since I was a kid I would write about what was going on - my news - and it brought about my own sense of calm. I wrote letters.

simba_chipsI always wanted to be a pen-pal, but until today I’ve been shamefully teased about “belonging to the Simba Chip Factory”.
I was about nine at the time. No nine year old is going to have a perfect vocabulary. They are still learning, having a 7 and 10 year old of my own, I realise that now. I still won’t profess to be a marvellous writer or any kind of writer at all. I write for me.
Writing is immensely healing for me. I tend to see the bigger picture after writing a long newsy letter to a faithful replier. Technology has been upgraded for my pen pal and me over the past year or so, from hand written letter, to BBM and email. You know what’s strange it works the same. It reaches the recipient faster and you get a reply faster but to me it’s still my own form of healing.
How cool is that? Well I think so.

Just the writing in its own makes me think of new ways of dealing with an issue, my anger or sadness dissipates, and I’m a happier person for it. Then you get an answer from said trusted recipient and it helps you further on your road to recovery… or greatness
Since realising that by writing bits and pieces of my past not only helped me heal, but could possibly also help someone else’s healing I decided to start my own piece of online real-estate.
So here I am rambling on again, some of such ramblings reach an audience greater than one.
I still get nervous before posting and think “am I going to be ripped apart again for belonging to the Simba Chip Factory”, and then I take a deep breath and hit post.

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Found this while I was browsing.
Couldn't stop myself from sharing.


  1. You got to keep up your good work Di.
    We love reading your posts.
    Lots of luck and lovies