Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Miss You Much…

005 I'm SleepingAll my pre Easter blog posts typed up and ready for posting, and not even thinking of writing another but then tonight I’m feeling rather inspired so I’m going with it.
Someone asked this week about what happened to our third cat Nermal. I haven’t really been able to speak about him because I am still hurting very much. I find that I am still putting up my brick wall and not showing my feelings. I am therefore being completely misconstrued as being heartless when I am far from it.
Nermal came to us when my husband rescued him from a haggard, despicable human being. He was a tiny kitten, only about 4 weeks old. You couldn’t see what colour he was because of the vast amount of tick and flea poop. Yes poop. I have watched enough vetenary programmes to know what it was. He was infested with these bloodsucking creatures. His ears were so dirty inside, He was so badly taken care of. He was so hungry. Just thinking of his condition makes me want to cry all over again.
I bathed him and picked off ticks from his little body. He was exhausted. The following day I bathed him a second time and counted over 50 ticks as I once again removed them from his skin and fur
. 006 Eyes Close up
He slept the entire day cuddled up in a blanket. He shivered and he was terribly afraid.
Over the weeks his weight increased and he became more and more beautiful. He grew very much attached to my daughter. She fell in love with him too. He would look for her while she was at school and waited at the door when I left to fetch her.
012 NermalHe cried like a baby when I went to the shops. He cheeked me when he was naughty and left demolished (new) toilet rolls all over the house. They were his nemesis. He was lovely.
He had just got enough confidence to dash outside in the morning for a quick play in the sun. He was back inside quicker than you would expect too. He was very dependent on my daughter and I for love and play. He never really warmed up to males.
Then he went missing….
My daughter cried so much, which makes his disappearance even worse. He would never have gone far from home. He was so scared of people that he would have run home at lightning speed if someone had approached his royal cuteness.

I made several calls to animal shelters; I visited and left massages at Vet’s in the area. I have looked in every possible place where he could have ended up. Until today I have still not been able to trace him or come to terms with his disappearance. I keep my strong exterior to dry my daughter’s tears and tell her that he must be an angel watching over her now.
003 Nermal's Doe doe
In my heart I hope that where ever he is he is happy. I will probably blame myself for a time to come, but at least I have been able to express a little of what I am feeling.
Nermal is one of my reasons behind my Facebook Page. My dream is to see every pet happy in a loving home. I hope that you never have to lose a pet in this way. It kills you inside not knowing where your pet is and what kinds of danger he could possibly be in.
Don't judge someone when a pet goes missing. Believe me - they are doing enough of that themselves.
Where ever you are Nermie. Fairy and I still love you lots…


  1. What a beautiful cat! Such magnificent blue eyes and such a regal air about him. I am so very sorry to hear that he disappeared and that to date, you have no idea as to what happened to him...I know awful that must be and also how heartbroken you are! Not sure one ever gets over something like that, although time will help. These things are beyond our control, Di...just as with Romeo...you gave him the best care and a loving home for the time he shared your life, as did we with Romeo...I try to draw comfort from that.

    Big hug,
    Des xo

  2. I can only offer my empathy and support, Di...and agree with my mom. I am so sorry to know that he is no longer with you. Perhaps writing this post is the first step towards healing. xxx

  3. Thank you very much Desiree and Linda.
    It has been hard and it was your amazing tribute to Romeo that inspired me to write this down.
    Having a pet is such an amazing adventure. I wish that more people would rescue!