Friday, 29 April 2011

Weekend Reviews

I haven’t done a review of movies that we have watched in a while. Seeing that we have yet another long weekend coming up I thought it would be a good time for some recommendations.
Here are a few quick reviews for you.

I finally got to see Due Date over the Easter Weekend. As recommended to me it is definitely not for kids. I felt it was a little slow to start, although the slow start puts you in the picture. Robert Downey Junior really deserves more recognition for his acting ability. He always puts his all into his characters and does a great job in this film.
The story follows two complete opposites travel cross country to be in time for the birth of a child.
Due Date is a good movie to watch when the kids are in bed and you need a few good laughs.


We also hired RED with Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and Morgan Freeman.
Bruce Willis is a retired black-ops agent, whose peaceful life is threatened by an assassin. He finds fellow retirees who are also at risk to fight back.
The action starts within the first few minutes of the movie. I didn’t feel as if it was a “mid-life-crisis” action movie. It was clever and had a touch of good humour. Helen Mirren is brilliant as usual as is Morgan Freeman.

This was most definitely action movie weekend.


If you love action thrillers you have to hire FASTER with Dwayne Johnson. This one kept me on the edge of my seat. It is about a guy, found guilty for his brother’s murder. He completes his time in jail and finds the people who were involved with his brother’s death.
It has some interesting twists which keep you focused on the action throughout.


If it’s on-the-edge-of-your-seat action you love Unstoppable is another one for you. If I say Denzel Washington you know very well that you are going to get a classy, action film. This one will most probably tweak the interest of those of you who train-spot.
It’s about a “coaster”, a train running on the track, minus conductor or driver, and how the train is brought to a stop. Just like Faster, it has twists that keep your attention from beginning to end.

The last action thriller we hired was Death Race 2. We were very sceptical about this one and I don’t blame you. The characters differ from the first movie and you doubt that it will have the same effect.
It wasn’t as good as the other action movies in this post, BUT if you watched Death Race, you should enjoy this one too. The story is about how Frankenstein and The Death Races started.
I for one didn’t enjoy Batman Begins – the whole going back to the beginning thing. I honestly thought it was a waste of time. This movie however explains things very well, and gets you thinking too. We watched Death Race afterwards and all the blanks were filled.

Then there’s The Switch. I thought it would be funnier. It ended up being quite the emotional drama. The little boy’s character was so sweet, and he will definitely pull at your heartstrings if you have ‘family issues’.
I thought it was too drawn out and I was waiting for the story line to climax. I was disappointed. It did have a few funny moments but it’s not anywhere near the top of my recommendations list.

If you have Mnet Blindside is on this Sunday. It is so worth watching. Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress and she does a wonderful job of portraying this real life story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It did bring on a few tears for me so keep your tissues handy. I am in awe of what these people did. The world needs more of them.


  1. Lovely reviews Di! Helen Mirren is by far one of my favourite actresses...I want to look as good as her when I am that age!

  2. I love her acting too and her character she created in RED was fantastic.
    She's so cool with her moves, it made me smile because she did it so well! ;)