Friday, 15 April 2011

A Week In Di’s World

white eye1I have been thinking all week about what to do on today’s post. I have decided that I will update you with some news and hopefully you’ll learn a little more about me as well as receiving a little pet education.
The early weekdays saw me really angry at humans AGAIN!
I hunted for a dog for someone to adopt. This person seemed really keen on adopting so as usual I put all my effort into saving another life.
I found gorgeous adoptees at the SPCA. When you adopt a pet there they ensure you leave with a pet that is inoculated, wormed and sterilized. I read that this adoptee would also be micro chipped, which is vital today with pets being stolen to be used as bait dogs or fighters in one of the cruellest forms of gambling.
Unfortunately the pathetic human, found the adoption price “too expensive” and ended up buying a pet from a shop. This is what really angered me.
Firstly, if he had taken a minute and added up what the cost of sterilization, worming, jabs and a microchip would cost on top of the price he paid at the pet shop, he would have realised that adopting was still the cheaper option. He could have saved two lives at that price!
Secondly, some pet shops are a turf for illegal breeders and puppy mills. I will probably write a blog about this in the near future! They are another two sick human practices!
I wonder if he would have been a good pet owner in the first place!
Wednesday was a turnaround for me. I witnessed humans on the other side of the scale. A family member in need received a much needed gift from people who have the heart and means to give. I listened to the radio with tears in my eyes. I imagine that if there were more people like this in the world that maybe there would be peace.
Unfortunately there are way too many people in this world who are so revolved around their own lives, ego’s, jobs and projects that the word “helping” doesn’t enter their vocabulary. It’s too difficult for them to do the simplest of things, for instance click on a button to share a pet’s plea for a home. Clicking a button takes less than a minute to do.
I have invested a lot of time to share other’s stories, listened to their rants, and helped a smile return to people’s faces. From now on I will be focusing my time on issues that matter, and people who are grateful, kind, beautiful souls. (This does not include the people who help to boost their own egos – however it does include - the ones who like to see the smile at the end of helping.)
IMG00162-20110415-0747This brings me to today.
A little white eye – a bird – flew into my open window today. The lovely little creature could unfortunately not find his way out and was fluttering around nervously.
I sent my daughter – who is home sick – to get a large net that we have. I waited until the little guy was in a place that was low enough for me to make a move, and caught him in the net. We quickly snapped a photo and set him free.
What an awesome feeling it was! I am an avid watcher of Wild Life Aid and like programmes and learned my catching skills from them! They always say how wonderful it is to see an animal go back into the wild. Now I know that what they say is true! I am more inspired than ever to help animals. They are the ones who deserve my time. (As well as the select few humans who fit the above category of beautiful creations)
I know that this post is really long but I have one more thing to say.
Those of you who follow me on twitter and my facebook friends should remember a post I shared a little while back about Romeo, a gorgeous pet of one of the amazing people I tweet. It makes me very sad to tell you that this lovely lady lost Romeo this week. He crossed the rainbow bridge after being hit by a car. Romeo must have been such a special creation because his mommy always had such good things to say about him. R.I.P. Romeo and make sure to brush your new angel wings against your heart broken mommy’s cheeks so she knows you’re still around to dry away her tears.


  1. This is such a beautiful tribute to my Romeo - thank you so much for your wonderful kindness, Di. The tears running down my cheeks now may come from a place of sadness, as I miss him so much, but I am also so proud of the impact he has had on so many people's lives. Thank you xxx

  2. Linda gave me the link to your blog, Di. I am her Mother and Romeo was in our care at the time of this tragic accident. I have written a post on my blog (Driftwood Ramblings) which explains the circumstances that led to Romeo's death. Your words have brought a welling up of tears to my eyes. We have all been struggling to come to terms with what happened and to try to make sense of his death. He was in every way a little earth angel!

    Thank you for all you do to improve the lives of lost, abandoned and abused animals.


    Des xo

  3. My heart goes out to you both.
    I know what it is like to loose a pet and I know very well that your hearts are breaking.

    I am sure that you are both blessed 1000 times over for being the wonderful pet mommy and granny that you are.

    BIG hugs to you both