Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Umgeni Bird Park visit.

017 Kookooburra
This past Saturday I visited the Umgeni Bird Park with my family. You all know by now that I am very passionate when it comes to animals so I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
My previous visit was prior to their closing and although it was a lovely outing, as always, it was sad as most of the cages were empty and there was a sense of sadness in the Park.
It was wonderful to be able to see enclosures being cleaned and revamped. I was thrilled to see the birds from before looking preened and beautiful.
We were lucky to be in time to witness the antics of the birds in the show. A duck and some pigeons decided to crash the show. Gus the Hornbill did his own thing and his sister found a crab as prey and paraded up and down in front of the audience. The lady conducting the show explained that it was their natural behaviour to do this. It was pretty amazing to see.

027 hornbill 030 Vulture 039 BP

The last “act” in the show was the vulture. She came to the park after being found poisoned. She doesn’t walk like a vulture should because of the damage to her brain and will not be able to hunt on her own. She therefore can never return to the wild.
After the show I found out that Casper the white owl had found a girlfriend in one of the rescues.

011 Toucan 019 Kingfishers

The flamingos put on a show in their enclosure. They turned their heads from side to side and squawked. This little act is quite funny. It didn’t seem as though they were doing it before we walked passed. I suppose it was our own private show.
All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.
The park is the perfect place to visit for photography and as an outing for the whole family. The entrance prices are extremely reasonable too.

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