Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Introducing…. Mrs Eastwood

Hi everyone.
Please give Di Doodles About Stuff’s new sponsor a warm welcome.
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Have a lovely day.
I would like to introduce myself to you
I am known as Mrs Eastwood. I have been working as a psychic since 1991.
Every week, I will be writing a short story for you to read about some of my work.
Some will be Psychic some haunted, some pure miracles but they are all true.
Alejandro’s Story.
I work on the road and one day I went into a suburb about 15km from where I live. I found a kitten that was sickly and unfed.
I felt so sorry for him and decided to bring him home with me.
We nursed him for about two weeks giving him a lot of love and care before allowing him to go outside for the first time. Unfortunately when he did go outside our neighbour’s dog had escaped and chased him.
We searched high and low for him but had no luck in finding him.
Heartbroken, we prayed everyday for his return. We asked the animal kingdom to protect him where ever he had found his way to.
We visualised him coming home and prayed that he would be fed wherever he was.
Four days later I found a cat that had been run over and thought that this was our Alejandro. Another day passed and I was still very sad that this lovely kitten was gone.
I went to work in the same suburb where we initially found Alejandro. A worker in the area came to speak to me and told me that he had spotted him wondering around. I was overjoyed when I found that it was him. I called to him and he came running to me. His paws were hurting and he had been kicked in the face but he was ALIVE!
I felt that I had been given another chance…
Once again I took him home with me and nursed him back to health.
He is a loving homely cat now, and has settled in beautifully with our other pets.
If you would like a reading from me or a would like a question answered or help in some way please send me your name, date of birth and your request as well as a minimum donation of R100 to me and I will answer you.
Mrs Eastwood
Either type a comment on this post or if you would like to keep it private please email with your request and contact email and I will get back to you with your answer.
Contact me for account details.

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  1. Your blog just gets better and better. Welcome Mrs Eastwood. Really enjoyed reading your contribution. Good luck Di. Looking forward to more articles.