Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Mrs Eastwood and the Spirit Motorcyclist

Hi Everyone,
Here is your Mrs Eastwood story for this week.
I can personally vouch for the story of the motorcyclist – even though it may sound a little like the Film Ghost. The Motorcyclists sister is a long time friend of mine. The information that she received about the accident didn't make sense at all but with Mrs Eastwood’s help the mystery surrounding her brothers death was solved.

This is a little introduction to my story this week to give you an idea of my background.
I was apparently two years old when I was already predicting things and telling my parents who was going to die. I was a weird child with many ideas in my head - I picked up events that would happen before they would happen. I didn’t want to sleep alone as I had strange people visit me - without feet - and couldn’t sleep as I was terrified. Being so young I didn’t understand what was happening so my childhood was spent crying.
The older I got the wiser I became as I was beginning to realise that this was actually a gift and that I did not have demons in me as what some people were saying.
Various ministers prayed for me who said that I was possessed. I later had a minister say to me that I had a gift as I never called the dead; they appeared only when there was a message for someone. I also only had visions of events taking place when these events were danger warnings to people that I knew.
I was now not prayed for anymore and people started to accept me as a psychic. A lady I met came to me and explained what was good and what was not. I learned a lot from her and later she became a very good friend whom I will always be thankful for what she taught me.
I picked things up myself after that from the spirit world. I am grateful for all the knowledge that I now have.
The story for this week is about a woman whose brother passed away in a motorcycle accident. He appeared in my lounge while I was grocery shopping. When I arrived home I found my children sitting on the pavement outside my house. My daughter came running to me saying that there was a strange spirit man in the lounge and that they would not go into our home until I had removed him. I went in and told him to go and to come back when my children were asleep as he was frightening them.
That evening after my children went to sleep I sat at the computer and played monopoly with the computer as player 2. All of a sudden the computer started playing against me without pressing the keys.
When I asked who was playing with me - this is strange - the name of the motorcyclist appeared on the screen. I asked him what he wanted to say and he told me that it wasn’t an accident that he was murdered.
He gave me certain details of the accident - which we later found out was the exact event that took place. It helped his sister with the investigation as well as to get over his death.
Till next week
Mrs Eastwood
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  1. The stories we could tell. The things we have seen and done. They are memories we will never forget. You tought me so much. Thank you