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Mrs Eastwood’s Student…

Hi Everyone. Todays Mrs Eastwood post is a little different. Today we have a story written by one of the people that Mrs Eastwood helped.
Enjoy… and have a super day…
“I have a few stories with regards to Mrs Eastwood. She has helped me through some times that I have been convinced that there was no more help at all. One thing she helped with was the passing of my father. Even though no one can ever heal the pain and loss one goes through when loosing a parent or a loved one, she was able to assist me in handling what I had been through and was going through. However there was more to be dealt with.
Have you ever been alone in a room, and all of a sudden you hear a voice. You go cold with fear. Oh my word, there is someone here. What am I going to do? Who is there? Is the door locked? Is the alarm on? Then you hear it again. Hang on, am I just going crazy? It sounded almost like my own voice. I am going crazy. Why am I talking to myself?
This used to happen a lot whilst I was growing up. I was convinced that I was insane. I was then introduced to Mrs Eastwood and she started speaking to me about the guardian angels we all have during our lives. We always have one specific angel that is with us during our lives at all times. We can have four at any point in time that are guiding us through the various obstacles we walk through. If you are ill, you get an angle that will help you regain your strength and another that will help you have even more fun at a happy turn in your life. But do you even know that they talk to you as well. They are basically telling you what you should be doing. The only problem is that we do not listen to them. This is why there are so many things that may seem to go wrong in your life.
Mrs Eastwood taught me how to stop, breathe and to listen. If you stop and breathe, and then listen you will hear what they have to say. Mine was telling me to stop, and allow the sorrow and the pain of the loss of my father to come through. Blocking it like I was was making me sick. At first I really thought that she was not well herself. How on earth that this woman be telling me to listen to the voices in my head? Only crazy people hear voices in their heads, and then to talk back is yet an entirely different story. Now she is telling me to do both.
I did fall ill, and only when this did happen did I start to really listen to what she had been telling me. I stopped every day. Listened to what was around me. I would meditate every day to allow myself to calm down. I would willingly accept the Aura, better knows as earthly energy to those out there, into my life. It is the most powerful healing energy out there known to mankind. I would sit for a few hours every day, and listen to myself. I would express my feelings to myself. I would listen to my guides. I would hear their advice, and I would try and change things in my life to ensure that life started running the path that had been set out for us before we even took our first breath. Believe me when I say that you will not be crazy if you stop and listen for a while. It is very healthy to do this.
Mrs Eastwood taught me how to meditate. How to relax my entire body and allow the natural energy to flow through me. How to see the bigger picture out there. There is more to life that just trying to make as much money as you can. More than trying to ensure that everyone out there is happy. She taught me how to value the life I have in looking after myself first.
I was able to sit and work through a lot of things that happened in the years leading to the death of my father. I was able to slowly work through every step and every harsh word ever spoken. Using my guides to help me walk through the dark paths that we walked through with my dad. Helped me work through all the anger I had towards him. I was able to work through this in knowing that it was not his fault, he was ill, and he did not want to leave us to fend for ourselves. He wanted to be part of our lives. He was too ill to do that. I did not understand that. I was angry with him for not being part of my life. He left me. He died, and I was angry with him. But through the meditation, I started to listen and started to slowly work through this pain. The pain did become less. The anger did leave me eventually, and I started to mourn the death of my dad in the right way. I started to miss him. I wanted to tell him that. But I do know that in listening to the guides and asking them, they were able to help me come to peace with his passing. He was a peace, and I was starting to work through this.
There are many times in my life, that I have forgotten to speak to the guides, and I have forgotten to allow the energy to flow through me. To heal me, and to help me calm down. Meditation is the key. Stop, Breathe and Listen
So I do not think I am going crazy anymore. There are no strangers outside trying to hurt me. The door is locked, but no one wants to hurt me. My guides just want to speak to me. They want to get to know me even better, and I want to know them too.
So why don’t you ask Mrs Eastwood to help you stop those voices in your head. You are not crazy. Trust me on that one. It is always good to listen to your inner being. They are always right!
Hope this helps a few people out there.”
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