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Mrs Eastwood’s Missing Child Case

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One of the first cases I had to work on was of a young child who was kidnapped.
A friend of mine, a psychic, was given a teddy bear that belonged to this little girl as she couldn't pick up enough info without a personal item. I sat down quietly to see what I could find and I also asked my daughter to assist me through meditation.
After a day had passed I had seen the child in a squatter camp where two rivers join. She was held hostage there. My daughter told me that she saw light blue painted wood and a road sign that looked like a fork in a road. We thought that the blue painted wood was possibly the colour used to paint over the seal of the windows.
It was the time when white people were not allowed to enter townships. We went to the police with the case along with a family member, but they didn't want to go out with us as they believed we were wasting their time. They did not believe in psychics.
We tried to organise an aeroplane to fly over the area but could only do it on the Thursday as the plane was due for a service.
After much begging on the Wednesday morning I felt that it was too late; that the little girl has passed away and that she would be found later that day in water.
When we watched the news on TV we saw that her body had been in a lake. She was also clutching a light blue box.
A few weeks later the police caught the suspects and we heard that she was held exactly where I said at a township and where the highway forked into two directions.
I received an apology from the young detective saying that the senior detective would not allow him to follow up on what I said - he had told him it would be a waste of time.
This was a very heart breaking story for me as I felt so useless. For the parents it was a terrible loss.
God Bless till next week.
Mrs Eastwood
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