Wednesday, 08 June 2011


What is going on with this world?
On the weekend we heard about a dog that was shot in the head, bound, and buried alive and then we hear that in Vereeniging a dog was abused and set alight…
Then we have companies advertising products by joking at animal abuse. There is no excuse…
People need to wake up…
Their destructive behaviour is not appropriate!
Look at this ad and decide how it makes you feel…
shoe city
Would you be upset if that was YOUR dog or cat skinned alive to make that shoe
Because that is what happens… it’s a fact and it is something that we should all stand against!
What if that was your mother, father, wife, husband, or child’s skin?
This is my response on the magazine’s wall…
You wouldn't allow this to be printed in your magazine... "
I'm getting a new pair of shoes - hmmm... They ran over your mother... and another pair... they ran over your wife... and finally the whopper of all pairs... I ran over your child!!!"
So why did you allow shoe city's advert?
I have been a reader of your magazine since a child when my mom would buy the magazine. I am so disgusted by this advertising I doubt I'll be buying another copy.
I agree with other ladies comments on the shoe city wall.
A substantial donation should be made to Animal Welfares COUNTRY WIDE by both YOU magazine for allowing this distasteful advertising as well as shoe city for starting this whole mess in the first place!
You should print a double page retraction where you instead show
1. where the money you donated was spent.
2. The living conditions of animals around the country
3. How much shelters struggle...
4. Abuse of animals country wide...
If something like this is not done I feel that you do not deserve to be a leading magazine and I'll be switching to one that is animal friendly
How about having your say instead of doing something frivolous today?

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  1. Both Shoe City and YOU have issued public statements.
    YOU Magazine MESSAGE FROM YOU’S EDITOR LINDA PIETERSEN: “As editor of YOU I am just as shocked as our readers about the Shoe City advertisement in the issue of 26 May. I’m a cat lover and would never support or endorse any form of animal abuse. We’ve spoken to the advertisers and asked them to post an official statement on our website, which we will share with you. Thank you for taking the time to show your support against the abuse of animals.”

    2 hours ago · Like

    YOU Magazine RESPONSE FROM SHOE CITY: We’re very sorry about any offense caused by 20 May’s advertisement in You. We’re committed to animal rights and do not endorse or trivialise cruelty to cats, or to any other animals.

    Shoe City respects all its customers and sincerely regrets any offence or emotional distress caused. As a result we have withdrawn further placements of this ad and have taken corrective measures on various levels.

    I replied as both statements were copy and pasted on the comment I wrote.

    This was my reply...
    At this stage words mean very little.
    I would still like to see that this is properly corrected and that a difference is made in the animal welfare community of South Africa.
    I know from personally working in the advertising, reproduction and magazine industry that advertisements do not just fall through the cracks". Everything goes through a long process of approvals. It is an atrocious error and those hurt by this should be rewarded.