Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Learning From Mrs Eastwood

This weeks Mrs Eastwood Post, is a little learning curve. This weeks story may help those with a loved one in a coma.
Mrs Eastwood has also added a little piece she received by email and it resonates with what has been happening in my life; and I am sure that you will see meaning in it too. Its an awesome piece.

Thank you Mrs Eastwood…
Have a super TuesdayCat face.
Story for this week. …
A young girl approached me in a very tearful state. Her boyfriend of 5 years had an aeroplane crash and was in hospital in Pretoria in a coma. He was not responding at all and was in a bad way. Doctors were expecting the worst.
She confided in me and told me that just before the plane accident he had proposed to her and they were making wedding plans.
He had taken her to dinner and she was delighted with all the arrangements. One of his family members had interfering.
This had caused a fight between the couple. It was their first fight and he dropped her off at her parents’ home without even saying goodbye.
The following morning the horrific plane crash happened.
She told me how much she loved him and that she was too scared to go to the hospital. She said his parents would blame her for the crash as he was most upset about the argument the previous evening.
I looked into her eyes and told her to think of her boyfriend. In my mind’s eye I saw him in the hospital bed and heard him say without her he wouldn't want to live. I also saw his mother hugging her at his bedside.
I told her to go to the hospital as her presence at his bedside will bring him out of his coma, that they would get married and his mother would be happy to see her. The following day she went to visit him at the hospital.
Her fiancĂ©’s mother greeted her with a big hug.
She then sat next to his bed and held his hand; she spoke about how sad she was about their argument and about how much she loved him.
When she stopped talking she moved closer to kiss him on his cheek and he squeezed her hand. A little while after that he opened his eyes. He had come out of his coma.
Shortly after he was released from hospital they got married.
The lesson from this story is that you can talk to people in a coma.
They can hear you.
We know too many people in our livesBoy
We care and love them so much..Red heart
That we don't want to lose them..Angel
But suddenly..Disappointed smile
We are betrayedI don't know smile , Disappointed Sad smile and maybe hurt Broken heart!!
Wondering Confused smile
'' Why is this happening Sad smile ..? ''
For a moment we lose our faith on people ..Broken heart
Promising ourselves not to trust anyone anymore .. Thinking smile
Then we move on Clock ..
Meeting new people Girl..
And the same process keeps continuing again and again... Red roseWilted rose
Not because we're dumb or weak Thumbs down
But because this is the way of life Clock..
There is a lesson behind every painEmail ..
A message with every person we meet Email
A purpose for everything in life .. Umbrella
We cannot change facts .. Light bulb
But we can only change ourselves
‎​​Always have a unique character like salt,
Its presence is not felt BUT
Its absence makes all things TASTELESS..
Till next week
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