Friday, 03 June 2011

Help Durban’s Feral Kitties


what do you think he's sayingMy kitty Stiggy and I would like to appeal to you today…

Yesterday was one heck of a day so I would really like to see some good come from it.

While buying my groceries yesterday I ran into the lady from Animal Action Cat Rescue.

She used to sell books in a little centre on the weekends to raise funds for the kitties in her care. Yesterday she told me that she was no longer allowed to sell books there.

If you read my posts you will know that organisations like Animal Action rely on donations and fund raising to feed and sterilise animals.

Animal Action’s work stops the over population of feral cats within the city and surrounds. Without the feeding programme there would be unhealthy colonies as well as bigger problems than just trying to control the population of these feral kitties.

Toni who I chatted to yesterday, and Steve play a vital part in the Cat Rescue area. They have taken on responsibility for feeding and sterilisation of a feral cat colony in the city at their own expense.

Please consider helping out…

These are the ways in which you could help.

  • · A shopping centre that is willing to allow a weekend book sale…
  • · Donations directly for the kitties - pet food or money to buy the food.
  • · Donations of books to sell
  • · Jumble to sell – ornaments, pots, pans, dishes, books, tools, cosmetics.

Please remember that any donation you make, no matter how small helps.

Please share this post so that Toni and Steve can receive the donations they desperately need.

They are able to collect donations.

Contact them…

Toni: 071 361 1488


Steve: 072 322 9263

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