Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mrs Eastwood and Mariska

“I visited a lady who had a strange problem.
She said at night when she sat down to go into her email on her computer she had a strange feeling of something on her lap. She said this feeling goes with a small hand touching her. She asked that I visit her in the evening to see what this could possibly be.
I found a two year old child walking around the study.
I spoke to the little girl and asked her a few questions. She said her name is Mariska. She kept calling "Otto"
I was wondering if that was her surname.
When I told the lady that's what I heard her say. She said Otto is her dog’s name.
I lifted the little girl to where she should be in spirit and the lady never had the feeling again but what was amazing is that her husband was a doctor and when his wife shared her story with him, he said he knows who the child is. He said a few weeks earlier he had done an autopsy on a little girl of two who had drowned.
The mother of Mariska was raped then stabbed to death; her brother was stabbed to death too. She was thrown in the pool by 3 escaped convicts that Mariska’s father arrested - he was a policeman. He found all 3 shot; all 3 dead and then shot himself on steps of the police station.
Till next week”
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  1. What an eerie tale...it sent shivers down my spine.

  2. Tell me a bit in details. I would love to hear it spread out a bit more. I love your stories, ads they have influenced my lofe so much. I ask you Mrs Eastwood to take place in reading my blog as well. I have done a few already, and I know tht you may enjoy reading the, I did stop for a while, but life took over. I vow to do something now everyday to keep up and get it all out. If they wouln't puclish the book right now for me, then I might as well blog it out all